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The Zenner Effect with David Britland's Zennerism


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The Zenner Effect

with David Britland's Zennerism
Author/Originator: David Britland/

Killer mentalism made easy. Based upon David Britland's "Zennerism," The Zenner Effect offers you the cleanest and easiest to perform handling for this devastating mentalism effect to date. You and a spectator each begin with a standard set of five different ESP symbol cards - Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star. The spectator pockets one of her cards and then, one by one, attempts to match each card you lay face down on the table by placing one of her own symbol cards face up on top of it. When the cards are finally flipped over - the symbols of every pair match exactly, including your last card and the spectator's pocketed card. The odds against such an outcome? 120 to one! Even so, The Zenner Effect works perfectly every time.

Consider these KEY POINTS...

  • The spectator has a completely free choice, every step of the way. There are no forces or equivoque.
  • No difficult sleights
  • No guessing or multiple outs
  • No rough/smooth
  • No double-sided or extra cards
  • No marked cards
  • Sets can have contrasting colored backs AND fronts.
  • Works with cards from any standard ESP deck or perform impromptu with regular playing cards.
  • You finish completely CLEAN! Everything can be examined at the end, if you like.
  • Easily resets

What other ESP card effect offers you this level of performance flexibility? None we can think of at ANY price. Don't miss this one. If you perform for real people, we're confident you won't find a more direct or devastating effect with ESP cards. What's more, with Mr David Britland's generous permission, The Zenner Effect eManuscript also includes the original "Zennerism" routine along with background on its development. 19 pages plus ESP artwork...

Make your own ESP Symbol Cards
When you buy The Zenner Effect eManuscript, you'll also receive high quality ESP Symbol Card Set artwork in Acrobat PDF format. Just output on cover/card stock to your desktop printer.


"Very well presented."

- Mr David Britland, Originator of "Zennerism"

"An excellent manuscript, this very clean demonstration of Extra Sensory Perception is clearly presented (and easy to do!). Top stuff, with real attention to detail as always, from"

- Mr Duncan Trillo,

"I was undecided whether to bother with the 'Zenner Effect', as I already perform the impromptu version 'Jazz Mentalism' with marked cards and was already aware of the method of the original David Britland effect. However I was pleasantly surprised how well thought out the e-book was in presentation and methodology!"

- Mr Steven Van Vliet, UK

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