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Free Nelson Download Impromptu Mentalism is a mindreading encore presentation for magicians that allows you to follow-up your magic show by reading the minds of the audience. Using Robert Nelson's method, you will be able to reveal people's names, phone numbers, inscriptions on rings, how much change someone has in his pocket, what a person ate for breakfast, and much more. No shills or confederates and everyone in the audience will be 100% fooled. A true reputation-builder. See all titles we publish from the Nelson catalog »

FREE Download - Nelson's Impromptu Mentalism

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$100 Bill Switch
101 Opening Remarks for Magicians
15 Star Card Effects
16 Thumb Tie Gems
20 Stunners with a Nail Writer
202 Methods of Forcing
25 Rising Card Tricks
26 Living and Dead Tests
32 Impromptu Card Tricks - Free
33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases - Hull
Over 40 Ways to Make Magic Pay - Windsor
50 Card Tricks
Add-a-Number Methods
Adventures in Many Lands - Free
Air Tight Prediction - Confabulation
Al Baker's Book
Al Koran's Lecture Notes
52 Amazing Card Tricks
Albaka Artifice
Almost Real Prediction
Amazing Substition
Annemann Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks
Annemann's Incorporated Strange Secrets
Annemann's Shhh - It's a Secret!
Annemann's Mental Masterpiece
Annemann's Mental Mysteries
Annemann Miracles of Card Magic
Answers to Questions - DeLawrence
Art of Cold Reading - Nelson
Art of the Stage - Hull
Baby Picture Gag
Bally Prediction
Band-it Card
Be Deceived
Benson Bowl Routine
Berland's Devil Dollar
Between Two Minds
Bewitched, Bottled and Bewildered
Blindfold Miracle Card Stab
BoBo Higher Mentality
Book Without a Name - Annemann
Brilliant Book Tests
Brilliant Card Magic - Grant
British Gag Lines for Magicians
Gems of Mental Magic
Cabinet of Card Miracles
Calostro Mind Reading Act
Card Magic by Manipulation
CardSource System - ACAAN
Card Reading Worksheet
Card Thru Window - CTW
Card to Pocket Remix
Card Tricks that are Easy - Steele
Cardially Yours - Baker
Center Tear
Chanin's Encyclopedia of Sleeving
Chanin Handle with Gloves
Chess Knight's Tour
Chess Match - Paul Brignall
CIA Envelope
Classical Foursome Card Magic
Classic MacDonald Aces
Classic Magic Jokes
Clip Monte - Garcia

Close-up Magic - Jean Hugard
Close-up Time - Don Alan
Club and Party Mentalism
Club Deceptions
Cold Reading Tradecraft
Collin's Card Conceits
Cold Reading with Playing Cards
Color Changing Deck
ConjuRING Trix - Hans Trixer
Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine - Annemann
Contact Mindreading Expanded - Fitzkee
Controlled Coincidence - Farelli
Controlled Miracles - Simon
Crushed Wrist Watch
Cut & Restored Rope
Cut & Restored Necktie
Dante's System of Life Span Reading
DaVinci Code Book Test
Deck Deception - Ed Marlo
Deceptions with a Short Card
Deck in Hand - Dr Laszlo Rothbart
Dice Stack - Sen. Crandall
Do that Again
Double Cross
Dr Q's Hypnotic Act
Eddie Joseph's Bombay
Eddie Joseph's Premonition
Eddie Joseph's Staggered (Synchronicity)
En Rapport - Annemann
Encyclopedia of Mentalism - Nelson
Entertaining with Hypnotism
ENvision Design Duplication
EpiCard Triple Prediction
Exclusive Card Mysteries - Lu-Brent
Expert at the Card Table
Expert Manipulative Magic
Extreme Street Magic
Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic - Grant
Flash Bills
Forbidden Wisdom - Albright
Fortune Telling with Cards
Fox Miracle Gimmick
Fred Kaps Lecture Notes
Fred Kaps Ring on String
Future Edition Headline Prediction
Future Reverse - Marlo
Ghostly Seconds
Half-a-Dozen Hummers
Headline Prediction Methods
Hellstromism Expose - Reilly
Hellstromism - Nelson
Here's New Magic - Berg
Hewitt's Modern Mindreader
Hindu Thread
How Many?
Homing Card
How Gamblers Win - Joseph
Hotel and Night Club Mindreading - Nelson
How to Pick Pockets - Joseph
How to Read Sealed Messages - Annemann
Hoy Book Tests
Her Majesty's Favorite Rope Trick
Hummer Whirling Card and Floating Bill
I Wouldn't Like to Play Cards with You!
Illusion Secrets

Insight Visual Coin Vanish
Intuitional Sight
JINX Magic Acts
JINX One Man Mental Club Act
Kaptain Kidd's Korny Kutlass
Koran Deck - Edw. Bagshawe
Last Word on Cards - Steele
Let's See the Deck - Ed Marlo
Linking Finger Rings - Koran
Linking Ring Manipulation - Fitzkee
The L.W. Card Mysteries
The L.W. Mindreading Mysteries
Magic Business Book
Mardo Cups and Balls
Master Speller
The Master Course in Hypnotism
Mastering Hypnosis
Matrix Coin Assembly
McMillen Card Rise
Meet the Senator - Crandall
Mental Bargain Effects - Annemann
Mentalism and its Presentation - Nelson
The Mentalist's Pad
The Mentalist's Manual
Mental Magic with Cards - Hugard
Mind Power Memory
Miracle Card Changes
Miracles with a Clip Board - Grant
Misdirection for Close-up Magicians
Modern Fortune Telling - Reilly
Modern Illusions
Modern Levitations - Grant
Money Magic - Hugard
More Effective Answers to Questions
Nelson Pseudo Stage Hypnotism Course
Numerology Profile Worksheet
Off the Top - Marlo
One Man Mindreading Secrets - Calostro
Osborne Coin Tricks
Osborne Cups & Balls
Osborne Three to One Rope Trick
Outback Twisting Card Effect
Outs, Precautions and Challenges
Pages from a Reader's Notebook
Paperback Book Test - Brignall
Passing the Buck - Osborne
Pieces of Mind
Politrix - Annemann
Power of Thought
A Prediction from Bombay - Open Prediction
Perfect Princess - Koran
Perfecto One Man Mindreading Act
Private Medium's Secret Guide
Pro Marked Bicycle Deck System
Projected Answers to Questions
Psycho-Gizmo - Vol. 1
Psycho-Gizmo - Vol. 2
Psycho-Gizmo - Vol. 3
Psycho-Gizmo - Vol. 4
Radio and Nite-club Mindreading
The Real World - Curry OOTW

Red Hot Momma
Rediscovering Wiztax
Reincarnate Book Test
Riveted Card Trick
Rogue Card Rise
Rope, Chain and Box Esacapes - Grant
Rough Stuff - Berg and Aldini
Routinely Funny
Royal Road to Card Magic - Hugard and Braue
Same Both Sides
Sealed Vision - Dexter
Secret Methods of Private Readers - Nelson
Secret Weapons for Magicians and Mentalists
Secrets of the Street Conjurer
Sensational Answers to Questions - Nelson
Sensational Effects - Nelson
Seven Keys to Baldpate - Annemann
Showmanship Essentials
Sight Unseen - The Real Blindfold Eye Act
Simple Card Tricks - Prince
Simply Mental
Si Stebbins Unplugged
Situational Comedy for Magicians
Smart Comedy Series - Vols. 1 - 4
SoloTear Torn Corner
Spy Deck
Staging a Professional Spook Show
Stolen Thought Book Test
Super Billet Switch - Hull
The Superb Mentalism of Jack London
Super-Mentality - Nelson
Super Prediction Tricks - Nelson
Swindled Three Card Monte
Technique of the Private Reader
Tom and His Merry Men Lecture
Top Secrets of Magic
Tossed Out Deck - Hoy
TurningPoint Watch Prediction
Tricks with Daub
Uncanny Linking Pins
Vaudeville Mind Reading - Lustig
Victory Carton Illusions
Visions of Tomorrow - Nelson
The Vital Prediction
Volta's Improved Q & A Code
Volta's Master Method
Volta's Question Answering Act Methods
Wandering Card - Willane
What Next!
Wild Card, Simply Wild
Winners All
Working Mentalist's Underground Book Test
World's Fastest Card Trick
World's Greatest Mental Tests - Hull
You'd Be Surprised
Zancig Code
Zenith Master Mental Act - Grant
Zenner Effect with Zennerism
Zombie Apocalypse Card Tricks