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Volta's Master Method - Burling Hull

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Volta's Master Method

Author/Originator: Burling Hull

Add one of the most powerful thought-reading weapons ever devised to your mentalism arsenal. Originally developed by Burling Hull for his Q&A act performed at posh supper and nite clubs, the Volta Master Method remained one of his most closely-guarded secrets for many years. Today, it is used by mentalists for everything from Q&A presentations for large groups to private, one-on-one readings. No billets, no tearing, no steals, no switches, no carbons, no envelopes - just a simple, yet diabolical printed card you can prepare for little more than the cost of some cardstock, and ink or toner for your desktop printer. We even give you ready-to-print artwork to get you started. Plus as a special bonus, you'll also receive a basic template you can customize with your own business card or other graphics. In addition to getting Hull's complete handling for his Supper Club Reading floor show, including the Master Method; Hull also explains what really makes a Q&A act successful and why, as well as how to answer questions for maximum impact, even when you have minimal information to work with. You will receive TWO FILES (zipped): a 31-page PDF plus bonus template (3 pages).

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