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The Last Word on Cards


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The Last Word on Cards

Author/Originator: WF "Rufus" Steele

Step back in time to a Golden Age of Card Magic - the early 1950s - and a compilation of baffling, nearly self-working card effects from legendary card men, like Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, Al Leech, Johnny Platt, Dr. Jacob Daley, Audley Walsh, Oscar Weigle, Eddie Fields, Bill Simon, Bert Allerton, and others; as well as Bob Hummer and even Robert Nelson. Compiled by Rufus Steele, all of the effects in this book are audience-tested miracles that place an emphasis on subtlety over sleight of hand. You'll even find the original "Moe and Sam," the forerunner to Frank Everhart's Sam the Bellhop routine. Plus, Senator Crandall's hilarious explanation of "An Impossible Transposition," by an old magician with one arm by the name of Lester Overton...he couldn't remember the name of the other arm! If you're looking for a presentation for your magic club friends, this one will have them rolling in the aisles. Packed with strong card magic from cover to cover. Foreword by Frances Ireland. Don't miss this one! Top quality new edition, re-typeset, 59 pages.

Over 50 effects, including:

  • Affinity - Ed Marlo
  • The Halo - Eddie Joseph
  • A Real Prediction - Dai Vernon
  • Spell Anything - Bill Simon
  • Think of Any Card
  • Wild Deuces - Al Leech
  • Surprise Quickie - Don Alan
  • Not There - Stuart Judah
  • An Impossible Transposition - Senator Crandall
  • The Zodiac Card Miracle - Eddie Fields
  • Double Duty - Oscar Weigle 
  • Which Is Which?  - John Platt 
  • Name and Place - Audley Walsh
  • A Prediction Supreme - Lu Brent 
  • A Location Supreme - Mike Kanter 
  • The Magic Card Square - Allerton-Parrish 
  • Simplicity Discovery  - Bob Nelson
  • Call Your Hand - Royal H. Brin, Jr.
  • Five Card Baffle  - Bob Hummer
  • Triple Thought - Jacob Daley
  • The Do Nothing Miracle
  • A Lecture with a Cold Deck - Rufus Steele

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