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Eddie Joseph's Premonition


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Eddie Joseph's Premonition

Author/Originator: Eddie Joseph

A spectator's "thought of" card is the only one missing from the deck when he counts the cards. Eddie Joseph's Premonition is considered by many to be one of the most amazing feats of Card Mentalism ever conceived. Here's the effect. ANYONE in the audience is asked to name ANY card. The person naming the card is asked to come forward and pick up the deck of cards on your table. This person now removes the deck from its case and deals out every card in the pack but fails to find the one he named. He is now told to count the cards and finds only 51. ONE CARD IS MISSING AND THE MISSING CARD IS THE ONE JUST NAMED ALOUD. The magician reaches into his pocket and without the slightest delay brings out the very card named by the spectator. At no time does the magician touch the deck. There is no force of choice. This miracle works 100 percent of the time - the element of chance plays no part. Use your own cards. 13 pages.

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