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CardSource Card Index System - ACAAN


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CardSource Card Index System


In about 15 minutes, you can be utilizing one of magic and mentalism's most important secret weapons. Designed with today's performer in mind, CardSource puts one of magic and mentalism's most powerful secret weapons at your fingertips - the card index. With CardSource, you'll be able to quickly and covertly acquire a duplicate of ANY card selected, named or even thought of by a spectator.

Imagine the possibilities...

  • Perform "Any Card Called For."
  • Do Dai Vernon's classic Brainwave effect without the trick deck.
  • Make a selected card appear under a young lady's drink or any other impossible location.
  • Have a "thought of" card appear inside an envelope or wallet.
  • ACAAN - "Any Card at Any Number!"
  • And much more!"

CardSource makes all of these devastating effects and more, not only possible, but almost effortless. You see, CardSource isn't your father's bulky, hard-to-use card index. It's compact, so it fits comfortably in your coat pockets. In fact, each CardSource index is thinner and only slightly larger than a deck of cards. What's more, CardSource isn't just more streamlined than traditional card index designs - it's also vastly more efficient. By integrating an array of advanced design features, such as a unique, double-sided horizontal, tabbed layout and "rotary" filing system, CardSource offers you a level of speed and efficiency never before possible. As a result, CardSource takes just seconds to deliver any card. No fumbling. No guesswork. Just the precise card you need, at the moment you need it.

In addition to CardSource's photo-illustrated "Instruction" manuscript in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, you'll also receive a second PDF file with "Artwork," so you can output a set of CardSource indices to your U.S. (8-1/2" x 11") or European A4 format laser or ink jet desktop printer. 25 pages total. This easy process is explained in the instructions step-by-step and yes, it takes only about 15 minutes to output, trim and bind a set of CardSource indices. Please note, all you'll require for to make your own set of indices are eight sheets of lightweight cover stock, a pair of scissors, one 5/16"or 3/8" plastic binding comb, and access to a document comb-binding machine. If you do not have the ability to bind your set of indices, most quick print and copy shops will do it for a very modest fee.


"A great version of the 'any card at any number' effect."

- MentalismUK

"CardSource features the slimmest, lightest index that I've ever seen allowing you to present many different effects - quickly - this is the stuff that reputations are made of. Highly recommended."

- Mr Duncan Trillo,

"I just like to add some comment to your fabulous CardSource, which is the best one I've seen for years. Excellent books from your site, Sir!"

- Mr Rudolf Kunzli (Don Curano) of France

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