The Wildest of the Wild

The Wildest of the Wild

Author/Originator: Hans Trixer
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Conceived by Peter Kane and popularized by Frank Garcia, Wild Card is without doubt one of the most popular packet effects of all time!

A great trick is seldom the product of one mind — as this one proves. This effect first won acclaim when it was released in Europe under its original title, "Wild, Man — Wild." Afterward, its creator and former FISM Grand Prix winner, Hans Trixer, together with others, improved and simplified the routine to the point where many see it as The Wild Card effect. One by one, under increasingly impossible conditions, the backs of eleven Jokers change color. The handling has been so polished and refined that only one minor sleight (if you can call it that) is required. Included is an optional Paul Curry finish wherein the final change occurs in the spectator's hands. All eleven Jokers can then be examined! Don't pass this one up. Plus, as a bonus, you'll also get our standard Wild Card routine. We supply the 14-page, illustrated instruction manuscript in PDF format covering both versions of Wild Card, you supply your own gaffs and other cards (none are included).

IMPORTANT: USE YOUR OWN DOUBLED-SIDED GAFFS AND OTHER CARDS, NONE ARE SUPPLIED WITH THIS INSTRUCTION ONLY PDF DOWNLOAD. Here's what's required: 5 double sided Red/Blue gaffs and 11 Regular Blue Backed Jokers (ungimmicked) for Hans Trixer's The Wildest of the Wild. For the bonus standard Wild Card routine, you'll require 5 regular cards all of the same value and suit, and 4 identical double face cards – one side matches the regular card and the other side shows a different card.

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