Two-Person Telepathy Codes

Verbal and non-verbal codes and systems for two-person telepathy acts.

How to Develop Mental Magic

How to Develop Mental Magic $8.00 PDF

Hadley's mentalism "how to" course set a new standard. With writing that is as close to personal instruction as anything you'll find in print, Hadley not only familiarizes you with his practical telepathy code and other methods...

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The Zancig Code

The Zancig Code $5.00 PDF

Learn the code behind one of the greatest mentalism acts of the last century - The Zancigs. An updated version of Robert Houdin's Second Sight act so convincing that many newspapers, scientists and other prominent...

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Mindreading for Fun

Mindreading for Fun $5.00 PDF

The Grayson's teach you a simplified and easy-to-learn version of their own professional master cue system, which will enable you and a partner to perform startling mindreading feats with a minimum of practice. Written with the...

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Volta's Improved 
Question Act Code

Volta's Improved Question Act Code $5.00 PDF

One of the most flexible and easy-to-remember thought transmission codes for Q&A work ever devised. Plus, with Burling Hull's improved code, you can even use the exact same sentence each time you...

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Nelson Man and Wife Mind Reading Act

Nelson's Man and Wife Mind Reading Act $6.00 PDF

Bob Nelson fully explains the two-person telepathy act he performed with his wife for many years. A truly sensational mental telepathy act with ordinary playing cards which can also be used for ESP symbols or...

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En Rapport - Annemann

En Rapport $5.00 PDF

Two complete, 30-minute two-person thought-reading acts in one ebook! One mindreading act uses an easily remembered code and the other requires none. In short, both acts are designed to minimize the amount of practice required with your partner...

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Mentalism De Luxe

Mentalism De Luxe $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Although originally intended for the stage or platform, this two-person "thought projection" or "thought transference" act under seeming test conditions is ideal for contemporary private party and corporate work with a paid assistant, or even a spouse...

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Between Two Minds

Between Two Minds $7.00 PDF

In this book, J.G. Thompson, Jr. teamed up with the brilliant mentalist Ned Rutledge. The result of this collaboration is a publication that is packed from cover to cover with truly entertaining, commercial mentalism gems...

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The Calostro Mind Reading Act

The Calostro Mind Reading Act $5.00 PDF

Ralph Read's uncanny two-person Q&A code that eliminates the need for mechanical equipment, visual signals, and awkward phrasing found in many code systems. All of the performer's remarks are addressed to the audience...

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The New Radio-Vision Mind-Reading Code

The New Radio-Vision Mind-Reading Code $5.00 PDF

The New Radio Vision Code is the culmination of a decade of research by Ralph W. Read (Calostro) and consultation with many of the most brilliant mentalism minds of the period, including Lustig, Dunninger, Hull...

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