Top Secrets of Magic

Top Secrets of Magic

Author/Originator: J.G. Thompson, Jr.
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DESCRIPTION is pleased to bring you Thompson's highly acclaimed book of close-up magic. Featuring 12 big sections, Top Secrets of Magic features complete routines with cards, coins, rings, balls, matchbooks, safety pins, and more; as well as an outstanding, multi-faceted close-up mindreading routine with blank business cards. There's even a two-person mentalism routine you can teach a partner with a minimum of time and effort. Plus, J.B. Bobo's easily constructed Ambitious Card gimmick and routine; which Thompson considered to be the most astounding he had ever seen, is also included in the section on cards. This effect alone is worth many times the price of the book. Best of all, we've completely reset the text with bigger type and more generous spacing; so you'll find it far easier to read and study than any print edition you might come across. 150 big pages, 203 photos, special artwork by Nelson Hahne and an excellent Introduction by Harry Blackstone.

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