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Best Think-a-Card Trick Solutions

Card Magic has had more than its share of seemingly "impossible" plots. Effects that achieved this lofty status not so much because they seemed unfathomable to laymen. Many well-executed card effects (hopefully) look that way to the uninitiated. No, it is because their very premise seemed elusive to knowledgeable card workers well versed in the various sleights, moves, subtleties and psychology at their command. The ones that immediately come to mind are Paul Curry's Open Prediction, David Berglas' Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN), and Think-a-Card - where a card "merely thought of" by a spectator is later revealed. Solutions for many of these "prediction" or "mindreading" card effect plots now abound, however it is the last category we will take a look a closer look at.

Here are, in our humble opinion, some of the best Think-a-Card trick solutions:

Supreme Mental Discernment

This is the Think-a-Card solution that made Ralph Hull famous and John Northern Hilliard, author of "Greater Magic," considered to be one of the finest card tricks ever invented. It is also one of the purest solutions to the premise. Hull's subtle methodology is ingenious.

This new compilation from brings together six excellent, diabolically subtle think-a-card solutions compiled from other books we publish. All are 100% workable with no sleights, although they may call for a set-up, key card, or other minor subterfuge. Material includes Paul Curry's Think of a Card (S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners), James Reneaux's A Mental Mystery with Cards (James Reneaux Lecture Notes), Bert Allerton's Think-a-Card Mindreading Trick (The Disarming Card Deceptions of Bert Allerton), J.G. Thompson's Tangible Intangible (The Clever and Thompson Manuscripts 1 - 5), Ed Marlo's Streamlined Discernment (Amazing, Isn't It?), and Howard Albright's Perfect Card Divination (Super-Psychic Mental Effects).

Note: "Out of This World" creator, Paul Curry, published another Think-a-Card solution in his "Sealed Miracles" series.

Scarne Think-a-Card Trick

John Scarne took the Think-a-Card premise to another level by having not just one card mentally selected - but three! His solution helped cement his reputation as one of the world's greatest card men of his time. Scarne's handling which was written up by Dr. Jacob Daley is best suited to the advanced card worker.

Al Koran Deck

For the stage magician or mentalist, Al Koran's adaptation of the Bagshawe Deck offers a very direct and streamlined Think-a-Card presentation. In Koran's hands, the effect was nothing short of a miracle. The cards are fanned and a spectator merely thinks of any card he sees. After some brief byplay, the performer reveals the thought of card with uncanny accuracy.

After a spectator writes down the name of a card he is thinking of on the back on one of your business cards, you remove a playing card from the deck and place it face down on the table. You then read aloud the card he wrote and ask him to turn over the playing card you placed down...IT IS THE CARD NAMED!

Ingenious - Jack Yates

This list is by no means complete. Some would certainly suggest, Al Baker's ALBAKA, Audley Walsh's MAGICIAN'S DREAM DECK (the forerunner to Koran's Prediction Deck), or even another Ralph Hull conception, NAME-O-CARD (see "The Testament of Ralph Hull"), belong in the conversation as well. And yet others might prefer Joseph Ovette's more theatrical approach, THE BUDDHA WHISPERS, or a self-working method, like Jack Yates' INGENIOUS.

Here are two more recent additions to our list! The AI Deck, which is based upon a clever John Hamilton effect, and Howard Albright's terrific Uni-Mentality.