customers include many of today's leading magicians - from headlining Las Vegas illusionists to top cardmen from around the world. We are humbled by their patronage and invite you to join them.

And now, more than a few unsolicited testimonials...

By the way I’d also like to take a moment to thank you for the great work that you do at So much great mentalism and magic slips away over time and your efforts keep a great number of these legendary works accessible - and affordable!

- Mr Drew Dundon, USA

"Your Trickshop is a true treasure. Keep up the good work."

- Mr Ron Bauer, USA

What a great treasure-trove of information! Thank you so much! (Brilliant DIY Book Tests - Vols. I & II)

- Mr Kerry Summers, USA

Good time now to tell you how much I appreciate your site. Just full of gold! I almost feel guilty about how affordable all this knowledge is! At a time when one trick downloads can get pretty pricey, elsewhere. It's also that the material is from the Masters. I recommend your site any chance I get. Thank you again for the download, and for having such a rich site!

- Mr Thomas Sciacca, USA

"Thanks for all of your excellent downloads. The material is fantastic. You and everyone at Trickshop should take a bow and be proud of the high quality, no-nonsense magic you deliver. I'll be a faithful customer for life. Thank you and keep up the amazing good work. Have a great day, you guys deserve it."

- Mr Mark Gulick, USA

"Just downloaded and read Epicard, and Almost Real. Superb and Simple! Real value and very professional in the description and all the details. Great value for money!"

- Mr Peter Hurley, United Kingdom

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy the manner in which you sell your products. There's no arguing when one supplies a quality product at a reasonable price. If you check your records, you will find that I have purchased a vast majority of your offerings. I only wish that new offerings come about more often." Legerdemainically,

- Mr Steve Zudeck, USA

Good morning Patrick, Congratulations on your new site. I, for one, enjoy browsing through it. In these times of "social distancing," we magicians now have somewhere to go: I wish you all success!

- Mr Marc Chiasson, Canada

"Blast you, Patrick! You have managed to do it again. Not only is the new Trickshop site beautifully designed, but it's now intuitive, too! Thank you for making an already pleasant experience that much better. Great work, great products, great value. Keep it coming!"

- Mr Mark Zust, Perceptionist, USA

Thanks for the free download. You have found a great way to make past magic available to present-day magicians at an affordable price. Thanks for your contribution to the art. Your work helps keep it alive.

- Mr Jim Capobianco (Lazarus)

Hi Patrick,

Just a line to thank you for excellent material and good service. Best wishes,

- Carl-Johan Ericsson-Dusenberg, Sweden
(aka Dusenberg, the Swedish Mentalist)

Hi Patrick,

How many years have I been dealing with you. Longer than both of us would wish to recollect. This is just a quick note to say a sincere thank you for your amazing service over the years. I love the ancient (and sometimes startling) manuscripts that your research turns up. I love the unfussy service, and in particular I am in awe of the inexpensive prices, even in these uneasy and austere times. Long may they continue. Live long and prosper! Cheers,

- Mr Joseph O'Donnell, Ireland

Just a quick note to say Thank You for providing such good materials to the Magician/Mentalist community! Love it! Not sure where you find these gems but they're awesome! Thanks again!

- Mr Eddie Tobey aka Tobini the Magician, USA

Imagine this! You have been invited into the library of a renown private magic club like The Magic Castle or The Magic Circle. Your host is generous with his time, noting your excitement as you turn the pages of books, monographs, pamphlets, and booklets from the greatest names in magic of the twentieth century. At last he says to you, “Why don’t you pull together some of those and I’ll take them down the hall and have fresh, clear copies made with digitized illustrations and a modern grammar check. Back in a jiff.” Now, the few people who have been fortunate enough to have visited private libraries know the rules: you can go in, but the magic can’t come out. However, for over twenty years, Patrick and his crew at Trickshop have offered a remarkable variety of the classics and gems of magic and mentalism in ebook format that appears right away for you on payment (PayPal is very convenient). There are titles from the most contemporary effects to those that are useful for historical research (cigar magic!) from such masters as Dai Vernon, Theo. Anneman, Tony Corinda, Fred Kaps, Bob Hummer, Al Koran, Bob Nelson, Bill Larsen, Paul Curry, and Eddie Joseph. Even better, new releases are intro priced, and there are other discounts, as well as “bundles” of related titles offered at substantial savings over Trickshop's already low individual prices. If you have been ordering magic online for some years you probably have found dealers who treat you well at good price points. I have two of them.

What Trickshop provides is material that is NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE other than at estate sales, auctions, or in those big, dusty, tied up stacks on the back room floors of seedy magic, joke, and novelty shops. Finally, there is the indefatigably good-natured Shopkeeper, Patrick, who has always kept in mind what so many merchants have forgotten: “These people are coming on this site to Possibly Give Me Their Money!” Yes, we are! Be nice and make it simple! Patrick is and he does. Any glitch? Email Patrick and he is on it, personally. My computer got sick and he restored my downloads. Boom. Done! Just like that.

Need further convincing? Scroll down to the bottom of the Trickshop site for some free magic ebooks and free magic lessons. As there will most likely not be a Magic Castle Magic Library Bookmobile coming to your digs any time soon, Trickshop is a wonderful option.

-Mr Dennis Brent

I DO NOT WRITE "FAN LETTERS". But after 40 years in Magic, a life member of the Magic Castle, Producer of many shows, conventions, banquets and award ceremonies about Magic. I have never had a better experience with ANY magic dealer than I have with Patrick! The guy never sleeps. I have asked him for urgent "last minute" favors and he never fails! His material is always crisp, clear, newly type set and a pleasure to read and use. I have bought material from him since he started and admire how he has grown. I suggested some SEANCE ideas and we all now benefit from his ability to take suggestions, find good material and redo it.

THANKS PATRICK You have made me a fan!

- Mr Joseph C. Bauer

I am not a real big fan of 'eBooks' as I tend to like bound, printed, hold-it-in-the-hands presentations. However, the pdf files I received with my first purchase from you are of very high quality. Your re-working of these old publications with new clear photographs, sharp and very readable typesetting, and your sensible editorial contributions make these publications even better than the originals.

- Mr Edward T. Walsh, USA

I recently purchased Interpolations from and it's one of the best bargains I've ever bought. I love your [Michel Potts] writing and, more importantly, your thinking. Thank you for releasing such wonderful material.

- Mr Jim Short, USA - IBM Committee Chairman

I have just purchased Eddie Joseph's Premonition. Can I just say what a truly great card mentalist effect this is and a big thank you for having these great effects for download. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Thanks again Patrick.

- Mr David Gardner

You have gained a customer for life. The Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick is a FIVE STAR EFFECT AND INCREDIBLE GIMMICK!!!! Worth 10 times the price!!!! A hidden gem of magic!!!!

- Mr John Taormino

I don’t want to mention the wonderful material Patrick sells, because many guys here have already said that, and because there are many dealers out there that sell good stuff.

Instead, I want to stress what is absolutely unique about Patrick and Trickshop:

- great choice of material for an absolutely low and honest price

- great editing and publishing work on every book on sale, that makes even the more difficult text easy to understand and usable

- quick and excellent service 

- but….. first of all….. full and quick support to the customers. Just a few days ago Patrick helped me solving a problem: he answered many times with flash speed to my questions in a comprehensive and professional way, got information for me, advised me. He took care of my issue like it was his and not mine.

I think this is an incredible added value, something you can hardly find nowadays and .. this is what makes the difference in my opinion.

Patrick is a great guy and knows it’s business: trust him and buy with confidence!

- Mr Massimo Fabi, Italy

Thanks again for your kindness and fast responses.

In just a few minutes, (even though I know how busy you must be) I got not only a positive answer, but also, right away, an attachment with the missing PDF file.

This is one of the main reasons I recommend TRICKSHOP.COM to all my magician friends, besides the great service, good prices,  and the quality of the downloads.

I do not think there are many business people with such a great disposition to please their customers.

Keep the good work!

- Mr Pablo Sirolli, USA

"I want you to know that I think Trickshop is tremendous! I've been performing for nearly 30 years and have been disappointed with many purchases from a variety of dealers. Not so with Trickshop. The quality of your effects is superb and the pricing is astonishingly low! Plus, the graphics for print out that accompany many of your effects are first rate. I should know - I was Chair of the Bowling Green State University graphic design program for many years. For service, product quality, price and of course, convenience, Trickshop is #1 in my book. Keep up the great work!"

- Mr Mark Zust, Perceptionist, Zust & Co., USA 

"I just like to add some comment to your fabulous CardSource, which is the best one I've seen for years. Excellent books from you site, Sir!"

- Mr Rudolf Künzli (Don Curano) of France

"Wow - how easy was that, ordering across the Atlantic in seconds."

- Mr Anthony Sutton, UK

Can't get much faster than this! I timed this, for fun!

0 secs - Decide I want it.

30 secs - Paid for

60 secs - Printed and in my hand!

…and I'm only a couple of thousand miles away!!

Great new site. Regards and best wishes,

- Mr Tom Robinson, UK

"It is my pleasure to know you and your products, thanks for the fast service."

- Mr Tony Binarelli, Italy

As a magician with over 25 years experience both performing and obviously buying magic, I have to say that Trickshop and Patrick are some of the best in the business. In an economy that calls for "bang for the buck", Trickshop never fails to exceed my expectations. They always provide the most complete and easy to understand reading material that is not only informative but practical for both the novice and professional alike. One item I bought convinced me of this a couple of years ago when I bought the Da Vinci Code Booktest. The book was all the rage and many versions came out using gimmicky books and what not. I bought one from an undisclosed seller and thought it was fine at $129.00 but after buying the Trickshop version just threw the former in my junk drawer. Patrick is constantly on the look out for new material that always aims to please. His customer service is without question the best I have ever experienced with an online magic store. You may think that I know Patrick personally or in some way was solicited to write this testimonial but I can assure you that nothing is further from the truth. I just wanted to help the magic community by my own positive experiences with Trickshop and thank Patrick for his wonderful work in our craft all these many years. In a time when scams and cons seem to be all around us, Trickshop and Patrick stand out as honest responsible leaders in the business of magic. I look forward to a continued business relationship that will hopefully last for decades. Thank you Trickshop and Patrick and may you always have a successful web presence we can count on!

- Mr David Samaria, USA

"I am very pleased with all you have done and you are now (well have always been actually) my favorite site EVER! I will drop your name whenever I am discussing "magical stuff". I hope you stay around for awhile. I have learned a lot from your books. YOU ROCK!!"

- Ms Sheri Bledsoe, US

"Always great deals. Thanks!"

- Mr Terry Cashin, Canada

"I am enthusiastic about and really enjoy your e-Manuscripts. Excellent, excellent - well worth the price." Best wishes and magical greetings from Tyrol-Austria,

- Frascati & Gloria, Austria

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the updates and additions to the Da Vinci Code effect. You sure know how to add value to the products you sell. Don't see that too often. Keep up the great service."

- Ron Vergilio, USA

"I find your downloads very helpful and a good way to receive manuscripts. Keep up the good work."

- "Chicane" aka Mr Wayne Rogers, New Zealand

"Wonderfully gratifying. A download that works instantly and infallibly every time. Great material from the past newly packaged and updated, and the updates seem wonderful. I am referring specifically to the photos on the Bill Switch. Nothing seen yet by me has come close to those step by step photos. The Matrix, ditto. Very impressive. And -- the price is more than right!"

- Dr Martin J Kaplan, Ph.D., USA

"I just wanted to tell you that you guys have the best bargains in magic. All of the eBooks and props I have gotten form TrickShop have been excellent material at terrific prices. Thank you for making all this good stuff available to us out here in the magical provinces."

- Mr Malcom Glass, US

Posted by Mr Graham on

I think is one of the best web suppliers I've ever bought from…here's why:

1 -The site is clear and uncluttered, although that said, they could now start to "Categorise" their offerings.

2 - The prices for downloads are, I believe, ridiculously low.

3 - Paying for things, (by Paypal) is a breeze, and you get the 3 "Order Confirmation" emails almost immediately.

4 - The quality of the products is superb. I've just purchased EpiCard, and the whole piece is well-written, clear, details, with superb graphics and templates for the "DIY Prop" construction section.

I now own a few of these, and will undoubtedly own more, especially as each item only costs about £4.50 at current exchange rate. Rgds - Bruce

- Mr Bruce Graham, UK

"Just a note to tell you how much I like your take on '7-Keys'. It is brilliant, and renders obsolete so many other, more complicated gaffed-up versions. This is the one I'll perform this season. Excellent work, great price…a true bargain. Keep up the good work."

- Mr Tom Jorgenson, USA

"I have downloaded about 20 of your effects. I don't perform every effect but I get presentation ideas and usable information from each of the downloads. The one thing that is most impressive is the fact that everything is spelled correctly and explained in easy to understand language. Through the years I have read some really poorly written instructions. All of the Trickshop material has been a pleasure to read. Thanks for the outstanding products."

- Mr Chuck Perry, USA

"I am very pleased with the quality of the manuscripts and detailed notes concerning both routines. I was also highly impressed with the ease of using my PayPal account for payment and the quick efficient manner in which the whole transaction went through. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with and thank you for your excellent service. I am impressed."

- Mr David J O'Connor (AMA), Durban, South Africa

"I enjoy your site also. Some great downloads and in my opinion, some of the easiest explanations to follow and that is an art itself. Thanks"

- Mr Khuldrin Blackphlame

"This makes a total of 9 of your e-manuscripts that I have purchased so far and I find them to be excellent. Keep up the good work, it is most appreciated."

- Mr Martin Grams, Sr

"Excellent service you provide. Well done."

- Mr Nigel Anderson, Australia

"Thanks again, and I think I will be making some more purchases in the future! By the way, I recently spent $40 on an ebook with one trick, which was of equal or lower quality than yours. I will not make that mistake again!"

- Mr David Smith, US

"All downloads completed successfully. As usual - brilliant material and extraordinary value."

- Mr Joseph O'Donnell, Ireland

"I do enjoy purchasing routines from you as you have a great selection of high quality workable material."

- Mr Dean Spruce, UK

"I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the 5 or 6 ebooks I've ordered from you. You have provided a wealth of material for mere pennies per trick. There's not a better deal on the Internet. I just ordered Annemann's 'One Man Mental Club Act.' It's incredible. I will be doing 4 of the 7 tricks in just a few days."

- Mr Lee Petrucci, US

"Thanks! I was doing some research for a new effect and your download was much appreciated. All the best,"

- Mr Nathan Kranzo, USA

"My thoughts on the Tradecraft Cold Reading manual - it is in my mind, quite simply - the best. Many thanks as well for the prompt service."

- Mr George Rowe (Kalamar), USA

"Downloads received. As always, excellent products at amazing prices with virtually immediate service. Can't get much better than that!"

- Mr Max Reed, UK

"Well, a frequent buyer here…and have downloaded the last 5 effects, purchased about an hour ago. As a working professional - your company ROCKS. Ya'all should be proud of the quality of content and the direct ease of providing information…very correct effort."

- Mr R.J. Green, USA

"Just wanted to let you know I just purchased the Contact Mindreading ebook and seconds after buying it, it was in my inbox. The book itself was full of a ton of information and I felt after reading through it twice I was ready to perform the effect. The way the ebook was designed was perfect for me to read, print, and study. Thanks for providing such a great product at an awesome price."

- Tim Castleman, USA

"Thanks for the great service. A real pleasure to do business with you."

- Mr Andrew Hicks, Iceland

"I have purchased several of your e-book type manuscripts and have found them to be easy to understand and all are dynamite material."

- Mr Paul Harrold, USA

"Thank you very much for your e-manuscript…I enjoyed it very much: the fine new handling, your very detailed description and clear photos! To be highly recommended."

- Mr Reinhard Mueller, Germany

"I've bought a number of your products & wow they are absolutely awesome."

- Mr Steve Boreland, UK

"Thank you for your great service. I purchased several of your products recently and have been very impressed with the quality of the ebooks. I shall be getting more very soon."

- Mr Stephen Ward, UK

"I looked thru the book and all I can say is WOW! This a great set of instructions…A lifetime customer."

- Mr McKinley Joseph, USA

"I just wanted to let you know that this is the best e-book that I have got on this subject so far…Once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down you kept the entire book so interesting. The only disappointing thing about the book was when I reached the end of it, so I just started over and I’m reading it again. If you put out another book on this subject or a second volume to this book let me know I will be the first to buy it. Thanks for such a great book."

- Mr Thomas Bowling, USA

"I've downloaded at least one other .PDF file from you, and they are BEAUTIFULLY produced. I think this is a great value on the leading edge of computer convenience for magicians."

- Mr John Doyle, WGCL-TV, Channel 46, CBS Atlanta

"I received my package today and am very happy with it. Thank you...Be assured that I will (no doubt) be making many more purchases in the future."

- Mr Bryn Orr, Australia

"To tell the truth, I hadn't expected much from the books. I've been burned far too often on e-books. But these are not only well-worth the money, but delightful and VERY useful -- AND reader-friendly."

- Mr Chet Cox, USA

"I downloaded Master the Matrix, and want you to know it's excellent! The text is extremely precise and easy to understand. The photographs are perfect, and exactly the ones needed to learn the routine effectively. It's a pleasure to read a magic effect ONCE, understand it, and not get totally lost!"

- Mr Anthony Di Filippi, USA

"Very well presented."

- Mr David Britland, UK

"Great service and great magic!"

- Mr Peter Hurley, UK


Duncan Trillo
Mr Duncan Trillo

On Mastering Hypnosis

"...I can't recommend this manuscript highly enough. If you've ever considered studying and presenting hypnosis - THIS IS IT!"

On Cold Reading Tradecraft

"Tradecraft takes the form of a straight-forward no-nonsense manual, similar in format to last year's excellent Mastering Hypnosis from the same publisher...You'll find yourself smiling at just how clever some of the discussed methods and techniques really are. There are hundreds of actual examples and 'lines' as well...The layout is excellent, the content spot-on, and it's a real pleasure to read. Highly recommended."

On Si Stebbins Unplugged

"Si Stebbins Unplugged like all TrickShop publications is very readable, it's also very well researched and full of excellent tips, methods and routines. This will become the book on the system in no time at all I'm sure - it truly lives up to its unplugged title. Top stuff."

- Mr Duncan Trillo, United Kingdom
Former Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year
and Publisher of