Business Card Tricks


Get all three popular "Business Card Miracle" ebooks - 20 astounding and blatantly self-promoting magic and mentalism effects and subtleties you can perform with your business cards!

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Burling Hull


For a very limited time, get three sought-after Burling Hull Q&A titles, regularly $4.95 each, for the price of just one! But hurry, this incredible offer won't last long!

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Stage Hypnotism

Now you can get all of our terrific stage hypnotism resources in a single, money-saving bundle. These six ebooks cover everything you need to get started in this fun, lucrative and high demand field, including various hypnotic methods and induction techniques, individual and group tests, post-hypnotic suggestions and more; as well as pseudo hypnotic methods and stunts you can use in your show.

$38.70 $11.61

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"I just downloaded and printed out the entire package. I began to read the material and perused the various tick sheets and promo materials. I've used similar tick sheets and such for my own shows/parties and can safely say, this is great stuff."

"Without a doubt, a person could use this material to build an entire full-time or part-time business or career. The entire package is an outstanding value. It could be possible to use just ONE of the items and be booked for a party, psychic fair, small booth or other similar venues. All it would take is a bit of rehearsal and perhaps trying it out on friends to make sure you've got it down pat. The art work is also very well done. Bravo!"

"Well done, sir. Highly recommended."

- Mr. Terry L. Tyson, USA

ESP Entertainment Toolkit

ESP Entertainment Toolkit

Our ESP Entertainment Toolkit makes giving impressive Palm, Card, Numerology, and Astrology readings a breeze! It's everything you need in one convenient, money-saving bundle.

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Also available...Myriam Ruthchild's CYCLESCOPE Numerology Reading Tick Sheet.


Annemann Impromptu Card Tricks

$5.95 $2.97

Annemann Miracle Card Tricks

$5.95 $2.97

Card Trick Bundle

Effortless Card Magic Bundle

Get four incredible Rufus Steele card trick books for one amazing low price! 200+ nearly self-working card miracles from legendary cardmen. Contributors include: Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, John Scarne, Paul Rosini, Dr. Jacob Daley, Oscar Weigle, Bill Simon, Eddie Joseph, Carmen D'Amico, Al Baker, Al Leech, Johnny Platt, Audley Walsh, Eddie Fields, Bert Allerton, Bob Hummer, Robert Nelson, Senator Crandall, Arthur Buckley, Stuart Judah, Harry Blackstone, and others!

These titles are available individually for $4.95 each or purchase the ebook bundle (4 books) and Save 50% Off the cover price!

$19.80 $9.90

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Michel Potts - House Magician
Michel Potts, Resident Magician at Hemingway’s Restaurant and Bar in Bangkok.

The Complete Works of Michel Potts...So Far!

More than someone who does mere card tricks, Michel Potts is a storyteller who uses a deck of cards to engage his audiences as he takes them on a magical journey; at the end of which, they are both entertained and thoroughly deceived. That's why, watching Michel perform is an experience his audiences don't soon forget and one they want to relive with their friends and associates as soon as they can return to Hemingway's in Bangkok, Thailand - the popular dining and drinking establishment where Michel is the Resident Magician.

THE COMPLETE WORKS OF MICHEL POTTS...SO FAR! Get all three of Michel's card magic books in one convenient download. This is material right out of Michel's professional repertoire! Everything is explained - every move, every word, every nuance, every subtlety.

Download it now for just $16.50!

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Nelson Cold Reading Books

Nelson Cold Reading Bundle

Create the impression you can read minds! Download all eight incredible Bob Nelson Cold Reading books (listed below) with this money-saving bundle. Save 50% Off individual cover prices!

The Art of Cold Reading

Dante's System of Life Span Reading

Pages from a Reader's Notebook

Private Medium's Secret Guide

Psychological Reading

Secret Methods of Dr. A

Secret Methods of Private Readers

Technique of the Private Reader

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Nelson Miracles in Mentalism Series
Nelson's Miracles in Mentalism Series

The complete, three-volume Miracles in Mentalism Series offers more than 100 super, time-tested, audience-proven mentalism effects. Contributors to this outstanding series include some of the field's most brilliant thinkers and performers. Don't miss out! This series is a gold mine for anyone who performs mentalism or mental magic!

Available individually for $6.95 each or purchase the complete three-volume PDF set and Save 50% off the cover price!

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Nelson Special Answers Series

Nelson Answers to Questions SeriesThe ability to effectively answer questions from the audience is a skill every working mentalist should possess. In this regard, knowledge truly is power. This new money-saving bundle puts the entire five-volume Nelson Special Answers library at your fingertips. It's every book that Nelson published on "how to answer questions" and it represents decades of unmatched Q&A experience and insights.

Available individually for $4.95 each or purchase the complete five-volume PDF set and Save 50% off the cover price!

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Astro Lines for Readers

For a limited time, get Astro Lines for Readers - A $4.95 Value, FREE when you buy our Nelson Solar Zodiac Chart! Over 200 mostly flattering, Astrological (warm reading) lines that your sitters are likely to accept as true about themselves - all categorized for your convenience. 28 pages.

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The Itinerant Mystic Series

Uncover lost secrets from mentalism's past. The Itinerant Mystic is Trickshop's breakthrough series on the traveling mediums and psychic readers who went from city to city plying their trade in the last century. In addition to revealing how these mystics set up shop and promoted their business, it also explains the closely-guarded methods behind their readings and other effects - information you can use in your own work.

Available individually for $5.95 each or purchase the complete four-volume PDF set and Save 50% off the cover price!

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Psycho-Gizmo Set

Complete Psycho-Gizmo Set

Teral Garrett's sought-after newsletters from the 50's and 60's - dedicated to subtle mentalism routines, effects and methods; and clever magic ideas. Our quality re-publication features light editing to correct typographical errors and new typesetting, design and illustrations.

Volumes are available individually for $5.95 each or purchase the complete PDF set (4 Volumes/48 issues) and Save 50% off the cover price!

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Al Baker Bundle

We're pleased to offer a new money-saving bundle featuring the legendary Al Baker's magic and mentalism.

These Al Baker titles are available individually or purchase this new PDF bundle (5 publications) and Save 50% off the cover price!

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