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Phantini's ACAAN | Phantini's Mental Key | Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets | More Phantini Mental Secrets | Phantini's Challenge Mental Act

Ngai Dog Race
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& Mentalism Book Bundles

Mentalist's Clipboard, Impression Pad Card, Box, and More

Mentalism Impression Devices $35.00 $7.50 PDF Bundle

This money-saving 6-PDF collection brings together some of the best do-it-yourself impression devices for today's mentalist along with UF Grant's manuscript covering a range...

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Nelson's Miracles in Mentalism Series

Nelson's Miracles in Mentalism Series $21.00 $7.95 PDF Bundle

Nelson's complete, three-volume Miracles in Mentalism Series with more than 100 clever, audience-tested mental effects. Contributors include some of the field's most brilliant thinkers and performers...

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Symbol Sorcery Bundle

Symbol Sorcery Bundle $23.00 $7.50 PDF Bundle

Harness the entertainment power of ESP and other symbols with this money-saving, four-title collection. Effects include symbol matching, design duplication, thought projection and more...

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Secret Card Gimmicks Bundle

Secret Card Gimmicks Bundle $35.00 $9.50 PDF Bundle

Sometimes a simple, easily-constructed gimmicked card that is unknown to the audience can be a magician's best friend! Gimmicks you can use to locate, control, and force cards, and even make them rise from the deck...

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Three Article Tests Plus

Three Article Tests Plus $35.00 $9.00 PDF Bundle

With this 6-PDF bundle, you'll be able to explore the performance possibilities of one of mentalism's most popular and enduring plots, The Three Article Test, along with another mind boggling...

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Close-up Thought Reading Methods - 6 PDFs

Close-up Thought Reading Methods $41.00 $9.00 PDF Bundle

Explore the methods and techniques used by some of the greatest magicians and mentalists of the past to read minds at close quarters, as well as the clever ploys and subtleties...

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Tick Sheet Bundle

ESP Entertainment Toolkit Plus $76.00 $17.50 PDF Bundle

Our expanded toolkit has everything you need to give readings for entertainment purposes, including six different, high quality, easy-to-use tick sheets with instructional materials, and three different ESP...

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Devious Poker Demos Bundle

Devious Poker Demos Bundle $37.00 $9.50 PDF Bundle

A collection of some of the best pseudo poker dealing demonstrations of the last hundred years - from Dai Vernon to rare dealer manuscripts. Plus, most rely on clever stacks and other artful dodges...

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The Complete Works of Michel Potts

The Complete Works of Michel Potts $72.00 $29.50 PDF Bundle

Get all ten volumes of brilliant Michel Potts' card magic in one convenient download! More than someone who does mere card tricks, Michel Potts is a storyteller who uses a deck of cards to engage his audiences...

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Business Card Miracles Plus Bundle

Business Card Miracles Plus Bundle $26.00 $9.50 PDF Bundle

27 astounding and blatantly self-promoting magic and mentalism effects and subtleties you can perform with your business cards! Most importantly, it's 100% workable material from greats like...

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Ted Annemann Mentalism Bundle

Ted Annemann Blowout $100.00+ $12.50 PDF Bundle

This incredible 19-PDF bundle includes every important booklet Ted Annemann wrote during his lifetime as well as our updated manuscripts on 7 Keys to Baldpate, Hewitt's...

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Bob Hummer Card Tricks Bundle

Bob Hummer Mind Boggling Mysteries $59.00 $12.50 PDF Bundle

Bob Hummer was a true genius when it came to crafting unfathomable card effects and other magic! That's why, we are delighted to make one of our most popular bundles ever available again! 11 PDF ebooks...

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Fred Kaps Lecture Package

Fred Kaps Lecture Package $27.00 $15.00 PDF/Video Package

This package includes Kaps' 1972 lecture tour notes with his card and coin magic supplements in PDF format plus online video access to rare footage of the master himself demonstrating the correct technique for a range of card and coin sleights...

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Glenn Gravatt Card Trick Bundle

Glenn Gravatt Card Trick Bundle $21.00 $7.50 PDF Bundle

This new four-ebook bundle features nearly 150 self-working card tricks from prolific card trick chronicler and creator, Glenn Gravatt. Many can be performed impromptu and most are nearly self-working...

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Effortless Card Magic Bundle

Effortless Card Magic Bundle $20.00 $8.00 PDF Bundle

Get four incredible Rufus Steele card trick books for just two dollars each! 200+ nearly self-working card miracles from legendary cardmen, like Vernon, Daley, Fields, Hummer, Leech, Allerton, Joseph, Marlo...

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Jack Yates Bundle

Jack Yates Bundle $39.00 $12.50 PDF Bundle

Looking for brilliant, subtle mentalism and mental card magic? You won't find more powerful or easier to perform miracles than those crafted by British mentalist Jack Yates. What's more, we are bundling eight...

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Think-a-Card Solutions Bundle

Think-a-Card Solutions Bundle $55.00 $12.50 PDF Bundle

Sixteen of the Best Think-a-Card Solutions ever produced from innovative magicians, like Ralph Hull, Paul Curry, Al Koran, Howard Albright, Jack Yates, Edward Marlo, J.G. Thompson, Audley Walsh and others...

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Dr. Q - Alexander Bundle

Dr. Q - Alexander Bundle $29.00 $9.50 PDF Bundle

Few mentalists attained greater celebrity in the early part of the last century than Alexander, an old school crystal gazer who also captured the imaginations of magicians with incredible tales about...

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William Larsen Sr. Collection

William Larsen Sr. Collection $63.00 $12.50 PDF Bundle

Originally an attorney by trade, few men did more to promote magic in the 20th Century than William W. Larsen, Sr. - a brilliant magician, mentalist, and author, co-author, and editor of numerous magic books...

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Super Colossal Comedy Blowout

Super Colossal Comedy Blowout $73.00 $17.50 PDF Bundle

Never be at a loss for a funny line again! This 16-ebook collection brings together over a thousand magic lines, quips, gags, asides, and classic bits of business from comedy magicians like Don Lawton...

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Howard Albright Bundle

Howard Albright Bundle $23.00 $6.50 PDF Bundle

This money-saving bundle includes four sought-after Howard P. Albright publications which are a gold mine of subtle mental card magic and mentalism...

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Ed Stoddard Bundle

Ed Stoddard Mentalism Bundle $18.00 $7.50 PDF Bundle

Five powerful and direct mentalism effects from the professional repertoire of New York mentalist, Ed Stoddard. Originally marketed as individual manuscripts by Max Holden in the 1950s, all effects were...

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Ralph Hull Magic Bundle

Ralph Hull Magic Bundle $40.00 $10.00 PDF Bundle

The legendary magician from Crooksville, Ohio, Ralph Hull, inventor of the Rough and Smooth principle, was one of magic's most brilliant thinkers. Get all of the books Ralph Hull authored...

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Grant Mentalism Secrets Bundle

Grant's Mentalism Secrets $6 $32.00 PDF Bundle

This information-packed bundle brings together six best-selling U.F. Grant mentalism manuscripts. Original material ranges from Q&A acts to mentalism effects, center...

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Burling Hull - Volta Mentalism Bundle

Burling Hull - Volta Mentalism $10.50 $44.00 PDF Bundle

This must-have collection of eight sought-after Burling Hull/Volta mentalism titles covers a vast array of mentalism techniques and methods for both close-up and stage work...

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Nelson Mentalism  Bundle

Bob Nelson Q&A Acts $9 $39.00 PDF Bundle

6-PDF Bundle! Nelson explains how to put together and present a reputation-building mindreading or Q&A program. It's all here - from practical methodologies and presentation...

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Borrowed Deck Miracles

Four Borrowed Deck Miracles $17.00 $6.00 PDF Bundle

Four self-working mental card miracles you can do with anyone's deck from the brilliant minds of Bob Hummer and Eddie Joseph!

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