Si Stebbins Legacy

Si Stebbins Legacy

Author/Originator: William Coffren (Si Stebbins)
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Si Stebbins"Si Stebbins" is without doubt magic's most popular card control system, however Si Stebbins (William Coffren) actually preferred a slightly different set-up and suit order than most magicians are familiar with. It was the same set-up that Stebbins used for over 40 years in his own performances and one that allowed him to locate named cards and perform other amazing feats of pasteboard sorcery with greater speed and efficiency. In this important 1935 manuscript, Stebbins details this special set-up along with over a dozen of his pet effects using it. The Foreword was written by John Mulholland, along with an Introduction and two bonus effects by Society of American Magicians' National President (at the time) and a Si Stebbins System expert in his own right, Julien J. Proskauer. 21 pages, re-typeset.

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