Shoot the Works

Shoot the Works

Author/Originator: Edward Marlo
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Ed Marlo's complete manual on dice tricks, routines and methods for magicians, first published in 1943. Section One covers six amazing tricks you can perform with regular dice. Section Two explains the real work on Dice Stack technique in which four dice on the table are covered by a cup. Performer swings cup about, its mouth against table, then lifts it, and dice are piled in a perfect upright stack! Plus, you'll learn how to stack the dice one at a time, two at a time, or even four altogether. Also the pick and drop, how to produce any number called for, and even how to vanish the dice altogether. Marlo also explains how to shake four of a kind along with various hold out methods, types of gimmicked dice cups and more. Section Three offers two more tricks, a complete analysis of Dice Control with fair dice on soft and hard surfaces, explains "Soup" and Crooked Dice of every kind, including detection and switches. Plus, a Gambling Demonstration Routine, lecture outline, suggested program, exposé, and explanation of terms. 48 pages, re-typeset, over 36 excellent Gordon Howatt illustrations.

Also see Diversions with Dice (Treborix) and Clarke The Senator Crandall Manuscript Packet (which includes his Dice Stack routine).

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