S6 - Si Stebbins Card Tricks

S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners

Author/Originator: Compiled by Trickshop.com
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S6 brings together for the first time six mind boggling Si Stebbins system card effects from Wright, Curry, Rutledge, Allerton and Mason...

  • Triple Revelation
  • Double Surprise
  • Uniform Power of Thought
  • Seemingly Impossible
  • Think of a Card
  • Sympatico

No complex sleights or mental gymnastics, just killer presentations that deploy the Si Stebbins set-up to devastating effect. If you do card magic for real people, you'll find many of the individual effects alone are worth far more than the cost of this ebook. 12 pages. You really don't want to miss this one!!!

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