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The cut and restored rope, knot tricks, and other classic rope magic. All Rope Trick PDFs on this page are currently just $3 each (and you'll save even more with our automatic volume discount).

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7 Pavel Lecture Rope Gems

7 Pavel Lecture Rope Gems $5.00 $2.50 PDF

Based in Switzerland for many years, FISM award-winner Pavel's innovative and visual rope magic was a highlight of his sought-after lecture tours. In this new manuscript, we bring you seven rope effects compiled from several different lecture supplements. Material includes The Silk in the Knot...

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Once Again Rope Trick

Once Again Rope Trick $2.00 PDF

This is a baffling rope routine in which a cut and restored effect can be repeated four times. Each time differently, and at the finish the rope can be thrown out to the spectators. Ken Allen even puzzled Magicians with this one, although no tricky sleights are used. No rope gimmicks, magnets or extra...

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Professors Nightmare Rope Trick

Her Majesty's Favorite $5.00 $3.00 PDF

If there is any weakness in the Prof. Nightmare Rope Trick, it is the ending, which most magicians perform according to the standard method. Namely, they fold the ends and extract the ropes one at a time - showing them to be different sizes. In an effect, where the ropes...

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Himber's Throw-Out Rope Trick - Richard Himber

Himber's Throw-Out Rope Trick $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Ideal for the stand-up worker! Richard Himber was a perfectionist who insisted on the simplest, cleanest handling of any effect. His cut and restored rope effect is a typical example. A six foot piece of rope is openly knotted, then cut. The two...

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Vishnu Rope Miracle

Vishnu Rope Miracle $3.00 PDF

A seven foot length of soft rope and a pair of scissors are shown by the magician. He holds one end of the rope up, and with the scissors, about two-thirds down, he cuts the rope in two. The ends are tied together, then holding...

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15 Minutes With a Piece of Rope magic ebook - Ralph Hull

15 Minutes With a Piece of Rope $6.00 $3.00 PDF

Effects include Hull's Famous Vanishing Knot, The Disappearing Square Knot, The Hindu Knot, The Magic Shoe Laces (Double Vanishing Knot), The Cut and Restored Rope, The Stretching Rope, Hull's Rope Thru Neck...

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The Panama Rope Mystery

The Panama Rope Mystery $3.00 PDF

One of the easiest and yet most startling rope tricks ever devised. No gimmicks, cement or anything other than a length of rope. Rope is cut THREE times, then restored. Can be examined before and after performance. We supply Corporal Ted Collins' original...

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Rope Eternal Cut and Restored Rope Tricks

Rope Eternal $6.00 $3.00 PDF

Dariel Fitzkee's masterful booklet on the Cut & Restored Rope Trick explores the real work behind this classic effect. Dozens of baffling variations from such luminaries as Tarbell, Conradi, Malini, (Burling) Hull, Grant, Larsen & Wright...

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Ring Release from Cord

Ring Release from Cord $4.00 $3.00 PDF

In Number Two in Willane's "Methods for Miracles" Series, Edward Victor provides his beautiful, easy-to-master handling for the Ring Off Rope. A length of rope or cord is passed through a large ring and the ends...

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