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Bob Nelson was magic's leading publisher of mentalism material in the 20th century.

Nelson's Mind Divination Act

Nelson's Mind Divination Act $6.00 PDF

Nelson's ONE-MAN Master Act! This now hard-to-find manuscript details Bob Nelson's streamlined, modern handling and presentation for Paul Kara's $100 Method for stage, club and private work. This is a 100% practical method...

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Miracles in Mentalism - Bob Nelson

Miracles in Mentalism $7.00 PDF

Over 40 super, time-tested, audience-proven mentalism effects for the club or private performer by Stewart Judah, Frederic E. Kolb, Dr. Walter Grote, Al O’Hagen, Orville Meyer, Bob Nelson and others. Nicely illustrated and...

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More Miracles in Mentalism - Bob Nelson

More Miracles in Mentalism $7.00 PDF

Volume 2 features over two dozen more effects and ideas from many of the original contributors as well as some new ones. Highlights include Syd Bergson's Subliminal Perception - a powerful and direct one-man design...

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Still More Miracles in Mentalism

Still More Miracles in Mentalism $7.00 PDF

This third volume In Nelson's Miracles series includes over 40 effects contributed by some of the field's most brilliant thinkers, including Gene Grant (Phantini), Orville Meyer, Dr. S.P. Thornton, North Bigbee, The Amazing Maurice...

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Sensational Mentalism

Sensational Mentalism I $7.00 PDF

Two dozen sophisticated mentalism items from Bob Nelson and friends. Contributors include Fu Manchu, Bob Tripp, Alan Milan, Bob Parrish, Syd Bergson, Gerald Kosky, and others. 83 big pages....

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Nelson Encyclopedia of Mentalism

Nelson's Encyclopedia of Mentalism $8.00 PDF

As Harlan Tarbell so aptly pointed out in his introduction, no one was better qualified to present the facts, methods and inner secrets of mentalism than Bob Nelson. Every aspect of the mentalism and psychic entertainment fields...

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Mentalism and Its Presentation

Mentalism and Its Presentation $6.00 PDF

Mentalism is a business - a highly lucrative one - and should be regarded as such. It is a serious form of very unusual entertainment, and is worthy and demanding of a high degree of perfection. However, unless Mentalism is...

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Nelson Solar Zodiac Chart

Nelson Solar Zodiac Chart $8.00 PDF

Announcing new ready-to-print artwork, completely re-typeset and reformatted for your desktop printer (US or A4 size), for Nelson's amazing Solar Zodiac "Horoscope" Chart! This tick sheet makes giving an impressive Astrology...

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Astrology Party Business - Horoscope Parties

The Horoscope Party Business $8.00 PDF

This publication takes an updated look at Robert Nelson's original "Horoscope Party Plan." First introduced nearly fifty years ago, Nelson's home party concept remains a viable marketing approach for today's mentalist and one that can assure a steady...

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Club and Party Mentalism

Club and Party Mentalism $6.00 $3.00 PDF

Performing mentalism for smaller groups presents its own set of challenges and rewards. In "Club and Party Mentalism," Nelson shows you how to select and routine the most effective material for maximum audience impact and use the audience intimacy to convince...

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