The Rising Card Trick

The Rising Card Trick is one of the most beautiful and visual effects in the entire realm of card magic and always an audience favorite.

DIY Card Rises

DIY Card Rises $6.00 PDF

Val Andrews' information-packed, illustrated manuscript covers over 18 do-it-yourself card rise methods and variations for club, TV, close-up and cabaret...

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Rogue Card Rise

Rogue Card Rise $5.00 PDF

NO Expensive Invisible Elastic Loops to Replace! When added to any deck, the ultra-thin Rogue Card Rise gimmick gives you the power to make any freely selected card (even a signed one) rise upon your command - smoothly - mysteriously - and without fail...

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The McMillen Card Rise
The McMillen Card Rise $5.00 PDF

The McMillen Card Rise from brings together the best features of both the plunger and saliva close-up rising card methods. There are no real sleights, no saliva or other adhesives, no threads or elastics, no weights...

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25 Rising Card Tricks magic ebook - UF Grant

25 Rising Card Tricks $5.00 PDF

Everything on the Rising Card Trick - from threads and hair to motors and clockworks, and to fit all occasions - impromptu, close-up, parlor and stage. Here are the dodges and wrinkles that will prove of value regardless of what...

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