Ralph Hull Magic Bundle

Ralph Hull Magic Bundle

Author/Originator: Ralph Hull
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The legendary magician from Crooksville, Ohio, Ralph Hull, inventor of the Rough and Smooth principle, was one of magic's most brilliant thinkers. This money-saving, seven-ebook collection is a must-have resource for every magician! Get all of the books Ralph Hull authored or co-authored during his lifetime, plus Hull's Supreme Mental Discernment and Capt. Trevor Hall's treasure trove of previously unpublished Hull material, "The Testament of Ralph W. Hull," published posthumously.

Here's what you get...

EYE-OPENERS - A $6.00 Value
15 astounding effects including Hull's Marvelous Card Prediction - an unsurpassed triple prediction where the predictions are made BEFORE cards are selected or thought of (all predictions are held by a spectator throughout and are not switched), Hull's "Eye Popper" - the handling which set the standard for the modern-day Ambitious Card routine with a borrowed deck, Topsy-Turvy Cards - a routine of six effects where cards turn over under various conditions including while the deck is held by a spectator, Mental Abstraction - a brilliant card matching effect, Hull's extremely deceptive Optical (False) Shuffle, and much more!

MORE EYE-OPENERS - A $6.00 Value
This companion volume to Hull's first "Eye-Openers" contains over a dozen more, almost entirely impromptu, "reputation-building" card effects. Effects include: Will-o'-the-wisp (Run-a-way Card); The New Torn and Restored (Signed) Card; The Elusive Jack; Hull's "Never Miss" Card Trick; Magic Touch Versus Mental Thought; Diamond Thieves and Blackmailers; Birds of a Feather Flock Together; and much more! Plus a half dozen sleights are explained, including Hull's "Hide-Out" Card Sleight - a brilliant utility move that lets you run through the entire deck and show a (selected) card missing, even though it is still in the deck and easily accessible.

Hull's multi-phase rope routine complete with patter that builds the individual effects into the miracle class. Effects include Hull's Famous Vanishing Knot, The Disappearing Square Knot, The Hindu Knot, The Magic Shoe Laces (Double Vanishing Knot), The Cut and Restored Rope, The Stretching Rope, Hull's Rope Thru Neck, Three Ropes That Blend Into One, and The Marked Rope and Thumb Tack. 15 minutes of solid material!

The trick that made Ralph Hull famous! Spectator shuffles the deck and is requested to mentally select (think of) any card. He does not write it down - just remembers it. Performer asks him no questions but runs through the cards without looking at the faces and picks out the one spectator mentally thought of. As close to real mind reading as it is possible to get.

11 card effects and moves, including another brilliant Hull thought-of card solution that takes a more streamlined approach to his sensational Supreme Mental Discernment. Nelson Hahne's contributions include the Perfect Double Lift - a move that is 100% natural, a bold, yet deceptive Stop Trick Method, Red and Black Mixup, and much more.

SMART MAGIC - A $5.00 Value
Following their successful collaboration in writing "Modernism in Pasteboard," Ralph Hull and Nelson Hahne teamed up again on this booklet of close-up magic with cards, coins, rings, handkerchiefs, and more. Highlights include a Four Coin Transposition (Coins Across); A Coin, Lemon and Glass - a brilliant and startling "Max Malini" type routine you can perform surrounded based upon the glass under newspaper; an extremely clever Add-a-Number Routine contributed by Orville Meyer which uses no gimmicked pads or switches, and one where all properties can be examined in the end; Ralph Hull's original Homing Ball (Ball and Cone) routine; A Ring on Handkerchief routine; and much more.

Capt. Trevor Hall's tribute to the late Ralph Hull contains a wealth of sleights, routines, effects, and principles, including previously unpublished Hull material along with updates he made to some of his earlier routines, and shared with the author. Material includes Ralph Hull's Intelligence Quotient Test, The Detective Card Trick, The Last Word Prediction, The Positive and Negative Cards, Assembly of the Jacks, Never Bet on Another Man's Game, an English (and improved) version of Hull's Name-O-Card, Three-in-One Card Trick, Cosmic Ray Cards, Final Think Stop Trick, Miracle Torn and Restored Card, The Homing Ball (Ball and Cone) and Simplified Golf (Ball and Cone Routine with a Golf Ball and Egg Bag), Juggling (Color Changing) Knives, and A Magician Among the Spirits.

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