Pitch Act Routines for Magicians

Pitch acts and related material for the magical entertainer.

The Original Doc Hokum Medicine Pitch

The Original Doc Hokum Medicine Pitch $5.00 PDF

Dave Coleman's "Doc Hokum" was the classic of all the medicine pitch routines. Dave was a character actor, and his Doc Hokum lived just as surely as Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn. This is the complete text of Dave's famous routine as released...

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Medicine Show Tonite

Medicine Show Tonite $5.00 PDF

Medicine Show Tonite is Van Cleve's award-winning magical pitch act based upon his impersonation of W.C. Fields, as a lovable, bumbling swindler. You get the complete, scripted act - from make-up and costuming to...

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Street Faker Act

Street Faker Act $5.00 PDF

Tommy Windsor's original "Street Faker Act!" This is the original manuscript for his complete pitch act routine based upon a fast-talking salesman peddling, "Dr. Presto's Magical Medicines For Mysterious Maladies." 15 tricks...

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Suitcase Sideshow

Suitcase Sideshow $5.00 PDF

Tommy Windsor called this act, The Son Of The Street Faker, since he performed it as an alternate to his famous original pitch act. First published in 1962, Tommy Windsor's "Suitcase Sideshow" is a complete one-man, magical pitch act...

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The Magical Pitchman

The Magical Pitchman $5.00 PDF

Here's an act which you can use immediately and one which you'll find extremely easy to book. Imagine yourself as a sidewalk pitchman doing a bit of magic and then pitching your wares. It's all a laugh, from beginning to end...

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Comedy Medicine Pitch

Thompson's Original Comedy Medicine Pitch $5.00 PDF

George Thompson's Original Comedy Medicine Pitch for "EGYPANNA"...The Wonder Tonic of the Age! This is the same comedy routine that won Most Outstanding Act at the 1946 I.B.M. Convention in St. Louis, exactly as presented by Thompson, word for word...

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The Tie Pitch Act

The Tie Pitch $5.00 PDF

The Tie Pitch was an act Tom Palmer put together in the early 1950s and later released to the magic fraternity in 1961. It is based upon the popular theme of a fast-talking huckster pitching his wares on a street corner - in this case, neckties...

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Resistance Secrets

Resistance Secrets $5.00 PDF

Description of Resistance Secrets manuscript from the Nelson Enterprises' catalog: The presentation of a series of science baffling effects that are contrary to all NATURAL LAWS. Deemed impossible by those who have never witnessed the phenomena; regarded...

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Performing Fleas

Performing Fleas $5.00 PDF

There's a very good reason why this seriously laugh outloud funny routine has found its way into the programs of countless magicians since the 1940s. It offers a solid five plus minutes of guaranteed laughs! Written specifically for magicians...

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The Famous Flea Circus

The Famous Flea Circus $5.00 PDF

Tom Palmer first developed this routine in 1959 for his daughter to perform at a youth magic competition in Texas. Although he based it on his memories of a presentation of George Tollerton's famous Performing Fleas he had seen on TV, it is completely...

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