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Perfecto One Man Mindreading Act


Perfecto One Man Mindreading Act

Author/Originator: Unknown

Product Code: e228

This extremely rare mansucript outlines two novel approaches for the question and answer act - one for stage and one for club or parlor work.

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More lost secrets from mentalism's past! This extremely rare mansucript outlines two novel approaches for the question and answer act - one for stage and one for club or parlor work. The stage method utilizes an interesting approach to steals combined with an easily gaffed pad (you can construct in a few minutes); while the club and parlor method is extremely direct and enables you to answer questions while the person's card and envelope is still in the bowl or other receptacle! After you "read" each message, a helper from the audience removes the envelope from the bowl with the person's name; which you open and read before allowing the card and envelope to be returned to the writer. What's more, you end completely clean with every participant in the audience getting their own card and envelope back. Both methods are designed for the one man act. No assistants or confederates. 14 pages, re-typeset and lightly edited for optimum readability. A truly fascinating and informative mentalism manuscript that is now all but impossible to obtain.


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