Paul Rosini Magical Gems

Paul Rosini Magical Gems

Author/Originator: WF "Rufus" Steele
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Magician Paul RosiniRufus Steele's tribute to the legendary Paul Rosini. When it came to entertaining an audience with a deck of cards, Rosini was without peer. A master showman, Rosini had an expansive repertoire of intimate card magic that thoroughly baffled laymen and magicians alike. In this memorial, published after Rosini's untimely death, Steele completed the work on the book he had started with Rosini. It includes contributions of Rosini effects from some of the top men in the field, including Ed Marlo, Paul LePaul, Bill Simon, Arthur Buckley, Jack Chanin, Harry Blackstone, and Theo Bamberg. If you love card magic that entertains, don't miss this rare book of card magic gems (and you'll even find a couple of Rosini coin magic gems tossed in for good measure). Re-typeset, 58 big pages.


The Life Saver Trick
Was It There?
Somewhere in the Deck
Hold My Wrist - Al Leech
A Card in Flight
The Card Under the Hand
You Put It In
Change in Hand
The Fair Count - Joe Berg
Two Decks—Red and Blue
Poker Prediction and a Principle - Ed Marlo
The Card That Went to Pieces - Bill Simon
Coin and Pencil - Theo Bamberg
Card Through Handkerchief
Complete Cover
Indicator Card
A Comedy Card Trick
The Card Through the Case
Your Number——Your Card
Rosini’s Favorite Trick
Do a Trick
The One-Armed Magician - Jack Chanin
The Coin Star - Al Leech
Ace Delusion - Paul LePaul
A Sure Thing
The Best Prediction
Prediction Variation - “Chic” Schoke
The Cigarette Trick
Impressive Card
The Peek Trick
A Card Turns Over
Follow Your Card
Okito Card Control (and a Trick) - Theo Bamberg
Kings and Queens
Double Reverse
Purely Mental
While I Turn My Back
Easy Enigma - Harry Blackstone
The Ten of Diamonds
With a Short Card
Aces Running Wild
Secret Writing
A Guess That Is Right
Repeating a Good Guess
The Homing Aces - Arthur Buckley

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