The Real World - Out of This World

The Real World (Out of This World)

Author/Originator: Paul Curry
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Let's face it. It's hard to improve on a classic. Paul Curry's original "Out of This World" is one of the greatest card effects of all time. In fact, Dai Vernon referred to it as, "the card trick of the century." A spectator freely deals out cards from a shuffled deck into two face down piles guessing which are red and which are black. To everyone's amazement, when the cards are turned over - the two colors are perfectly separated.

"The Real World" from brings together Paul Curry's original "Out of This World," as published in 1942, with improvements to the routine he published later. These modifications successfully eliminated the weak points in the original handling. We're confident you'll find the result a remarkably smooth and easy-to-perform routine that remains entirely faithful to Paul Curry's classic effect. Completely rewritten with nearly a dozen large, clear color photos, our manuscript makes learning the real "Out of This World" a breeze!

As with the original, there's...

  • No difficult sleight of hand
  • No complicated systems to learn or memorize
  • No trick decks to buy - works with ANY deck
  • Nothing to worry about at the end, since you finish completely clean

If you can overhand shuffle, you can and will master "Out of This World" in no time at all. Once you do, you'll have an effect you can perform anytime, any place. Even with a BORROWED DECK! Plus, if you like, the cards can be examined at the end. This effect belongs in every serious performer's repertoire. 10 pages.


"The Real World is arguably the best handling of this effect I have ever seen! Great stuff!"

- Mr Lori Sorvino, US

"Absolutely marvelous. The graphics are gorgeous and also Out of This World. Congratulations! Not just competely satisfied again, but absolutely thrilled!"

- Martin Kaplan, Ph.D

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