101 Opening Remarks for Magicians magic ebook - Tom Osborne

101 Opening Remarks for Magicians

Author/Originator: Tom Osborne
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It's always a great feeling to uncover an old magic publication that most never knew existed. This lost manuscript of comedy written by Tom Osborne and published by Jack Chanin is just such a find. When we think of Tom Osborne nowadays, we usually associate him with the Osborne Three-to-One Rope Trick or his excellent book on Cups and Balls - but not magic comedy. And yet, he put together this terrific collection of tongue-in-cheek opening remarks, situational comedy lines and other bits of funny business from his own professional repertoire. With over 100 lines to choose from, you're sure to find some you can work into your own act. Best of all, most of these lines have not been overworked. 11 pages. Also available...Osborne Coin Tricks.

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