The Nikola Card System

The Nikola Card System

Author/Originator: Louis Nikola
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Louis Nikola's original, comprehensive booklet (not a condensed overview) on The Nikola Card System, one of the most powerful stacked decks ever conceived. With this system, pre-arrangement seems impossible, even upon close examination. All that has been done with previous systems can be done with this one, and much more. That's why, we are pleased to bring you Nikola's complete, original instructions that detail every aspect of his renowned system - from charts to help you master it quickly to full explanations and patter for a wide array of astonishing effects. These even include Nikola's Thought Anticipated; where a thought of card appears at any position in the pack (yes, Any Card at Any Number - ACAAN), as well as Cards by Weight, Sense of Touch, Unconscious Thought Transmission, The Telepathogram, spelling effects, a poker demo, and more - all made possible by this extraordinary arrangement. Plus, the appendix includes explanations of false shuffles, tips on forcing, and ways to switch decks. Completely re-typeset (from the original, nearly 70 small page pamphlet), this special edition comprises 34 big pages with a crystal clear, new illustration of The Nikola Card System (card layout), packed with valuable information from cover to cover.

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