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Our last ten magic ebook releases at a glance.

Willane's Sponge Ball Routine

Willane's Sponge Ball Routine - Methods for Miracles No. 9 $4.00 $2.00 PDF

1948 FISM Grand Prix Winner Willane's personal close-up sponge ball routine. A beautifully constructed, multi-phase routine that opens with sponge balls appearing from the empty hands without the...

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The Ngai Prediction

The N'gai Prediction - Methods for Miracles No. 1 $5.00 PDF

The N'Gai Dog Race is a baffling three phase prediction routine which calls for just a single sheet of notepaper (which may be borrowed) and a pencil. In the patter, each piece represents a dog in a race, though they can be horses...

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Easy Juggling for Magicians

Topper Martyn's Easy Juggling for Magicians $5.00PDF

The idea here is not to make you into a professional juggler, which takes years of practice, but rather show you how a little flourish here or there, can add a bit extra to a trick while attesting to your manipulative skill...

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7 Pavel Lecture Rope Gems

7 Pavel Lecture Rope Gems $5.00 $2.50 PDF

Based in Switzerland for many years, FISM award-winner Pavel's innovative and visual rope magic was a highlight of his sought-after lecture tours. In this new manuscript, we bring you seven rope effects compiled from several different lecture supplements. Material includes The Silk in the Knot...

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Jose de la Torre - New Jumping Back

New Jumping Back $5.00 PDF

A half dozen clever routines inspired by Patrick Page's Kitson Miracle with an easy-to-make card gimmick based upon Ken Brooke's Dutch Looper. Cards jump from one spot to another, change...

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Close Up Lecture Extension Notes - Joe Riding

Close Up Lecture Extension Notes $5.00 PDF

In this extended set of Lecture Notes, Joe Riding explains how to make your card magic more entertaining and deceptive by extending the ending of a card trick and hitting the audience once, twice, three times...

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Key Card Chicanery 4

Key Card Chicanery #4 $5.00 $3.00 PDF

Volume 4 of our popular key card series is here and offers you six more unfathomable effects based upon the Key Card Principle. This is 100% workable material you will enjoy performing...

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Once Again Rope Trick

Once Again Rope Trick $2.00 PDF

This is a baffling rope routine in which a cut and restored effect can be repeated four times. Each time differently, and at the finish the rope can be thrown out to the spectators. Ken Allen even puzzled Magicians...

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Magic From Holland

Magic From Holland $5.00 PDF

13 items for the club or close-up worker, which in the main require no elaborate equipment and in most cases can be readily obtained or made-up, including Bruno's Vanishing Ring...

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My Uncle's Card Trick

My Uncle's Card Trick $5.00 PDF

A hands-off, self-working card miracle inspired by Kanter's "Influence Card Divination." Here's the effect: While your back is turned, a spectator divides a deck...

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