Monte Magic Tricks with Three Cards, Cups or Shells

Classic monte effects for magicians. Also see the Cups and Balls.

3 Card Monte for Magicians
The 3 Card Monte for Magicians $6.00 $3.00 PDF

Master the 3 Card Monte quickly with our concise how-to guide - from what types of cards to use and why to practice sequences that break down the mechanics and handling...

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Mathematical 3-Card Monte Plus Five Card Baffle

Mathematical 3-Card Monte Plus Five Card Baffle $7.00 PDF

Two more mind boggling Bob Hummer effects! First, new clearly written, illustrated instructions for Bob Hummer's Mathematical 3-Card Monte. Three cards are placed in a row and numbered...

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Hello Sucker - The Three Shell Game

Hello Sucker - 3 Shell Game $6.00 PDF

The revised and enlarged 1948 edition of Jack Chanin's classic treatise on The Three Shell Game. Material ranges from information about the proper shells, peas, working surface, and the fundamentals of handling to various advanced moves and variations...

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Three Shell Game Book - Edited by Ralph W Read

Three Shell Game Book $6.00 PDF

Comprehensive 1938 work on “THE OLD ARMY GAME” which is as popular with magic audiences today as ever. This is an extended treatise outlining in detail the wonderful ENTERTAINMENT possibilities of the game. In a series...

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Koran Note Under Cup

Al Koran's Note Under Cup $6.00 PDF

Shortly after its release in 1951, Al Koran adapted Bob Hummer's Mathematical Three Card Monte to locate a crumpled up banknote secretly placed under one of three cups, which were then well mixed — all while the performer’s...

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The Great Purse Game

The Great Purse Game $5.00 PDF

Looking for a close-up effect that's different? The Purse Game or Swindle is to the English or Australian sharper what the 3 Shell Game is to the American bunko artist. Spectators would see the operator drop two silver coins...

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