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Mentalism and mental magic effects, one- and two-person routines, and compilations. Also check out our Phantini Mentalism sale.

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Mentalist's Clipboard, Impression Pad Card, Box, and More

Mentalism Impression Devices $35.00 $7.50 PDF Bundle

This money-saving 6-PDF collection brings together some of the best do-it-yourself impression devices for today's mentalist along with UF Grant's manuscript covering a range...

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Air Tight Prediction

Air Tight Prediction $7.00 PDF

Now you can perform one of today's hottest mentalism effects with ease! Introducing the Air Tight Prediction from - a CONFABULATION type, themed multiple prediction...

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Marked Thought

Marked Thought $7.00 PDF

Bob Mason's seemingly impossible matching effect! From a mixed pack, ten cards are dealt face down on a table and a spectator freely marks several with a coin or poker chip. Ten more cards are dealt on top of these - forming ten....

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Synonymental $6.00 PDF

A terrific close-up mental mystery you can perform with your own business cards! Here's the effect...A packet of 18 cards are shown and on the back of each you've written the name of an object likely to be found on a person or carried...

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The Ngai Prediction

The N'gai Prediction - Methods for Miracles No. 1 $5.00 PDF

The N'Gai Dog Race is a baffling three phase prediction routine which calls for just a single sheet of notepaper (which may be borrowed) and a pencil. In the patter, each piece represents a dog in a race, though they can be horses...

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Pseudo-Psychometry $6.00 PDF

Two masterful William Larsen Pseudo-Psychometry presentations - The Zenith Mental Act for clubs, lodges, resorts, and private parties, and Larsen's Pseudo-Psychometry Lecture with Readings usually reserved for "ladies' social club" engagements....

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Almost Real Prediction - Jack London

Almost Real Prediction $7.00 PDF

Real People. Real Numbers. No Forces, Switches or Gimmicked Pads. Some years ago, mentalist Jack London released one of his most closely-guarded secrets to the fraternity, the Almost Real Prediction - an add-a-number...

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Phantini's Mental Key

Phantini's Mental Key $8.00 $4.00 PDF

First published in 1956 by Ed Mellon, Phantini's Mental Key remains one of the most sought after publications in mentalism today. That's why, we are pleased to bring you an updated edition of this important work. It is faithful to the original publication...

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Cold Reading Tradecraft

Cold Reading Tradecraft $7.00 PDF

Create the impression that you can read minds. Imagine meeting someone for the very first time and being able to reveal not only some of their innermost thoughts, but details of personal events yet to come. It appears to be nothing less than a genuine...

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Amazing Maurice Clear Clipboard - Impression Clipboard

Clear Clipboard Impression System $5.00 PDF

The Amazing Dr. Maurice's original Clear Clipboard Impression System gives you the ability to capture a clear, legible impression of anything a spectator writes or draws using just a transparent acrylic clipboard, a sheet of paper, and a pencil. Properties you...

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