Mindreading Act eBooks 1

One-man Q&A mindreading acts for mentalists. Answer questions from the audience.

Nelson Encyclopedia of Mentalism

Nelson's Encyclopedia of Mentalism $8.00 PDF

As Harlan Tarbell so aptly pointed out in his introduction, no one was better qualified to present the facts, methods and inner secrets of mentalism than Bob Nelson. Every aspect of the mentalism and psychic entertainment fields...

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Karaism - Paul Kara

Karaism $100 Manuscript $7.00 PDF

One of the most sought-after mentalism manuscripts of all time! Paul Kara's famous $100 method covering both written and unwritten Q&A methods, as well as how to answer questions never brought to the theatre, questions...

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Sensational Effects

Sensational Effects $7.00 PDF

Robert Nelson takes you step-by-step through the process of developing a mentalism Q&A routine that looks like real mindreading and creates a sensational effect on your audience! This is Bob Nelson's condensed version of Paul Kara's...

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Visions of Tomorrow

Visions of Tomorrow $7.00 PDF

Mere mentalist or possessor of ancient secrets that allow you to truly divine your audience's destiny? Robert Nelson's Visions of Tomorrow is a one-person Question and Answer act like no other. It requires no assistants...

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Thompson Strongest Thought and Improved Question Reading

Strongest Thought and Improved Question Reading $6.00 PDF

Two complete sealed message reading acts from one of magic and mentalism's most brilliant thinkers, J. G. Thompson, Jr. A volunteer assistant hands out to any spectator of his choice, white cards...

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Q and A Methods - Billet Reading - Jack London

Jack London Q&A Methods $7.00 $3.00 PDF

Get both of mentalist Jack London's hard-to-find manuscripts on his professional Q&A methods - JACK LONDON'S BILLET READING ACT and JACK LONDON'S SEALED ENVELOPE ACT...

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Q and A Methods - Billet Reading - Ed Stoddard

Perfected Sealed Message Reading $6.00 PDF

A wonderful advanced utility routine, one man, presented with no apparatus other than cards and envelopes (not even scissors!). Do it anywhere, anytime. Subjects seal their cards (with their initials on the back) in fair opaque envelopes...

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Volta Ultra Question Answering Act

Volta's Ultra Question Answering Act $5.00 PDF

Burling Hull's original instructions for his sensational "Ultra" ONE-MAN Question Answering Act where NO QUESTIONS ARE WRITTEN! There's no other Q&A act like this one. Imagine having the power to seemingly...

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How to Answer Questions

How to Answer Questions for Crystal Gazing and Mind Reading Acts $6.00 $3.00PDF

Burling Hull's system enables you to correctly answer virtually any question you are likely to encounter in a Q&A mind reading demonstration...

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Answers to Questions

Answers to Questions $6.00 PDF

The ability to effectively answer questions from the audience is a skill every working mentalist should possess. In this mentalism classic, George DeLawrence explains exactly how the process works - from diagnosing...

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