Mastering Hypnosis

Mastering Hypnosis

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Learn Stage HypnotismThe book is ours. The applause will be yours. If you're interested in mastering the art and science of stage hypnosis, we're confident you'll find no better guide available today. This insightful, how-to guide will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in this fascinating and lucrative field - from how to hypnotize both individuals and groups to the closely-guarded professional techniques used to deepen hypnosis and maximize the power of hypnotic suggestions.

Contents include:

  • How to hypnotize individuals and groups
  • Hypnotic tests
  • Special techniques that deepen hypnosis
  • How to correctly awaken a subject under hypnosis 
  • and remove the influence of post-hypnotic suggestions.
  • Entertaining stage routines
  • How to put together your own stage show
  • How it actually feels to be a subject in a stage 
  • hypnosis performance
  • Market your show like a pro
  • And much more!
  • Get on the fast track to success

In short, Mastering Hypnosis is designed to put you on the fast track to success in this exciting, high-demand and lucrative performance field. It's all here, including thoughtfully designed practice sessions that will help you become proficient in performing many of the same classic tests and entertaining stage hypnosis routines used by top professionals worldwide. Plus, get in-depth advice on putting together and marketing your own stage hypnotism show. Best of all, you get all this at a fraction of the cost of a comparable stage hypnosis course. 98 pages.


"As a magician if you've ever watched a live hypnotists show I'm sure that you'll have asked yourself "what on earth is going on here?" There's something truly magical about hypnosis. "Adult magic" perhaps best describes it! Well, gone are the days of having to wade through poorly written bloated books in a desperate search for just a glimmer of insight into the mysteries of hypnosis. Mastering Hypnosis - A Stage Performer's Guide has arrived. Set out in a clear, logical, intelligent fashion this well produced manuscript will literally open your eyes to the possibilities of performing a hypnotic show - From the opening paragraphs of chapter one you'll start to understand what hypnosis is really all about. I can't recommend this manuscript highly enough. If you've ever considered studying and presenting hypnosis THIS IS IT!"

- Mr Duncan Trillo,

"Just a quick note to say I'm very pleased with the Mastering Hypnosis download, a great document. Although I'm already a practising clinical hypnotherapist I wanted a couple of stage routines for when I lecture to groups. Very useful. Thanks!"

-Mr Richard Parsons D.Hyp MIAH, UK

"Just wanted to say that my experience with you has been my best experience with online shopping, HANDS DOWN. Keep up the great work! Thanks again,"

- Mr Jason Gavazza, USA

"Fantastic book"

- Mr Brian Standly, USA

"I just wanted to let you know that this is the best e-book that I have got on this subject so far?Once I started reading I just couldn't put it down you kept the entire book so interesting. The only disappointing thing about the book was when I reached the end of it, so I just started over and I'm reading it again. If you put out another book on this subject or a second volume to this book let me know I will be the first to buy it. Thanks for such a great book."

- Mr Thomas Bowling, USA

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