Memory Systems and Effects

Mnemonic memory system methods and tricks for magicians.

How to Do Miracle Memory Feats - Ward the Wizard

How to Do Miracle Memory Feats $5.00 PDF

Duplicate the incredible memory feats of Master Memory Experts without the use of any memory system! In this compilation, David Ward (the Wizard) details an array of 100% practical methods that use the magician's art to...

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Super-Mentality $6.00 PDF

Generations of mentalists have mastered super memory feats with the help of this concise, "how to" guide from Bob Nelson. In fact, even most contemporary memory systems are based upon Nelson's work in this field...

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Brain Control

Brain Control $5.00 PDF

Imagine walking out on stage with the current edition of any popular magazine and then, tearing out the pages and handing them to spectators throughout the audience. Now, as each spectator calls out their page number, you describe...

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Card System Deluxe

Card System Deluxe $5.00 PDF

There are few card magic feats more impressive to a lay audience than the ability to memorize a deck of cards after it has been shuffled. With Card System Deluxe, H. Adrian Smith teaches you his own simplified and improved system for quickly memorizing a deck...

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The Nikola Card System

The Nikola Card System $6.00 PDF

Louis Nikola's original, comprehensive booklet (not a condensed overview) on The Nikola Card System, one of the most powerful stacked decks ever conceived. With this system, pre-arrangement seems impossible, even upon close...

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Chess Knights Tour

Chess Knight's Tour $6.00 PDF

A sensational, feature mental feat for any program! On stage, the audience sees a blackboard or large pad on an easel, divided into 64 numbered squares that represent a chess board. A helper from the audience now blindfolds you and you stand to one side of...

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