Mahendra Card Si Stebbins Card Tricks

Amazing Card Miracles

Author/Originator: M.S. Mahendra (F.B. Sterling)
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It wasn't often that a successful, old school mystic shared his professional secrets with the magic community. However in "Amazing Card Miracles," M.S. "Doc" Mahendra did just that, detailing an array of powerful mindreading and other card effects - all accomplished with a prearranged (Si Stebbins) pack. Effects include: Lightning Card Counter, The Human Scales, The Strange Powers of the Joker, The Phantom Card Game, Read My Mind, Unconscious Thought Control, Clairvoyant Power, and more - complete with Mahendra's presentations and patter. Plus, false shuffles and cuts, several system shortcuts, locations, a deck switch, and Mahendra's own "Si Stebbins' Gimmick" which enables you to almost instantaneously ascertain how many cards a spectator has cut from a deck of cards. In this new edition, we've added ready-to-print artwork so you can put Mahendra's gimmick to work immediately. 37 pages, completely re-typeset.

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