Linking Rings Magic eBooks

Classic linking rings magic for stand-up and close-up magicians.

Linking Rings - Namreh's Lincoln Rings

Namreh's Linking Rings $5.00 PDF

Namreh's routine for the Chinese Linking Rings set the standard for generations of magicians that followed. Indeed, John Northern Hilliard considered it the only complete textbook ever written on the artistic presentation...

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Linking Rings - Burtini Routine

Burtini's Linking Rings Routine $6.00 PDF

Burtini first published his Linking Ring Routine in 1947. The following year, he was awarded the World Championship for Invention at FISM. His eight-ring routine is a standout because at the end, the audience is absolutely...

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Linking Ring Manipulation

Linking Ring Manipulation $5.00 PDF

In this extremely rare and long out of print manuscript, Dariel Fitzkee takes the reader through "The Old Routine," as performed by magic's pastmasters and explains why the weakest point in that handling is the fact that the key ring is held back by...

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Ring Release from Cord

Ring Release from Cord $4.00 PDF

In Number Two in Willane's "Methods for Miracles" Series, Edward Victor provides his beautiful, easy-to-master handling for the Ring Off Rope. A length of rope or cord is passed through a large ring and the ends...

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ConjuRING Trix

ConjuRING Trix $7.00 PDF

Perform incredible, visual magic with borrowed finger rings, including the Ring On Stick, Ring Off Stick, Ring On String, Ring On Silk and The Flying Ring. In ConjuRING Trix, early FISM Close-up Grand Prix winner, Hans Trixer, gives you his own masterful...

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Al Koran Linking Finger Rings

Al Koran Linking Finger Rings $7.00 PDF

A staggering Linking Finger Ring routine and it doesn't require an expensive Himber Ring! When Al Koran first performed this little miracle on television, it caused a sensation. Three men's finger rings are borrowed and in the fairest manner...

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OffeRing - Ron Vergilio

OffeRing $7.00 PDF

Ron Vergilio's impossible-looking penetration of a borrowed finger ring from a length of rope. Here's the effect: A length of rope is offered for inspection and a finger ring is borrowed. A spectator is requested to thread the rope...

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Fred Kaps Ring on String

Fred Kaps' Ring on String $5.00 PDF

Fred Kaps would reach into his pocket and remove a long string or cord. After showing it, he would bring out a ring, which he passed for examination. While this was being looked at, he knotted the string - forming it into...

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Anverdi Lecture Notes

Anverdi Lecture Series $6.00 PDF

Tony Anverdi also applied his inventive genius to the realm of manipulative magic. 200 easy-to-follow Kemner illustrations teach a range of effects - appearances, disappearances, transpositions, color changes, and more...

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Modern Magic Manual

Hugard's Modern Magic Manual $7.00 $3.50 PDF

Jean Hugard's classic "how to" course on sleight of hand magic with Cards, Coins, Balls, Rings, Ropes, Cigarettes, Cigars, Bills, Linking Rings, and more. Essential sleights, moves and subtleties, along with the best effects...

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