Magic and Mentalism Gimmicks 1

Standard gimmicks and do-it-yourself secret accessories and devices for magicians and mentalists.

Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick

Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick $6.00 PDF

Secretly discover the identity of cards "thought of" by one or more spectators. Perform absolute mind reading miracles with a deck of cards. For years, this was Paul Fox's best kept secret. A small gimmick that allowed him to ascertain the identity...

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Mentalist's Clipboard, Impression Pad Card, Box, and More

Mentalism Impression Devices $35.00 $7.50 PDF Bundle

This money-saving 6-PDF collection brings together some of the best do-it-yourself impression devices for today's mentalist along with UF Grant's manuscript covering a range...

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Secret Card Gimmicks Bundle

Secret Card Gimmicks Bundle $35.00 $9.50 PDF Bundle

Sometimes a simple, easily-constructed gimmicked card that is unknown to the audience can be a magician's best friend! Gimmicks you can use to locate, control, and force cards, and even make them rise from the deck...

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Amazing Maurice Clear Clipboard - Impression Clipboard

Clear Clipboard Impression System $5.00 PDF

The Amazing Dr. Maurice's original Clear Clipboard Impression System gives you the ability to capture a clear, legible impression of anything a spectator writes or draws using just a transparent acrylic clipboard, a sheet of paper, and a pencil. Properties you...

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The Mentalist Impresson Pad

The Mentalist's Impression Pad $7.00 PDF

At last, a mentalist's impression device that defies detection. The Mentalist's Pad is an ordinary-looking writing tablet that can be handled freely, yet will capture a clear impression of anything a spectator writes or draws...

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The New Standard Impression Card Case

The New Standard Impression Card Case $6.00 PDF

The Impression Card Case is a powerful weapon in any magician's or mentalist's arsenal. We explain how to construct one with Bicycle's new "Standard" card case IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES! An Impression Card Case...

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Tricks with Double-Backers

Tricks with Double Back Cards $5.00 $3.00 PDF

13 effects with Double Back Cards, including Dai Vernon's Chameleon Backs, Annemann's Insto-Transpo, Easy Card Location, Henry Christ's Perfect Force, U.F. Grant's Giant Acrobatic Cards, William Larsen's Reverse Location, and more. There's even a very...

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Same Both Sides

Same Both Sides $6.00 PDF

When Lloyd Jones compiled "Same Both Sides" he wrote in his foreword, "The problem of what to do with playing cards that are the same on both sides has bothered me or should I say, intrigued me for nigh thirty years. Very little has been written...

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Deceptions with a Short Card

Deceptions with a Short Card $6.00 PDF

The short card is one of card magic's most important and least understood tools. In this hard-to-find, classic treatise first published in 1946, Dr. George E. Casaubon introduces the reader to eight different types of short cards and explains...

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Scotch Tape Sorcery

Scotch Tape Sorcery $5.00 PDF

Discover nearly two dozen magical uses for double-sided tape! These are 100% practical applications for coin and card magic, mental effects, productions, and more. Based upon the work of long-time professional magician, Joseph M. White...

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