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Al Koran Linking Finger Rings


Al Koran Linking Finger Rings

Author/Originator: Al Koran

Product Code: e107

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As Featured by Many Top Magicians
and Mentalists Over the Years...

linking finger ringsA staggering Linking Finger Ring routine and it doesn't require an expensive Himber Ring! When Al Koran first performed this little miracle on television, it caused a sensation. The effect on the audience is pure magic. Three men's finger rings are borrowed and in the fairest manner possible - LINKED TOGETHER to form a chain. The rings are then unlinked and returned to their respective owners. A long-time favorite of magicians and mentalists alike, including David Copperfield, Billy McComb, Ted Lesley, and others; the Linking Finger Rings is a genuine reputation-maker. Ideal for stand-up, clubs, banquets, etc.

Al Koran linking finger rings - wedding bands If you've always wanted to perform this incredible, stand-up magic classic, but never found a handling that suited you; we're confident you'll like this streamlined routine from There are absolutely no difficult or awkward moves to worry about. The handling is smooth, direct and you end completely clean. Plus, it utilizes an inexpensive split ring, as used by Koran himself. You can buy an inexpensive gold-plated wedding band locally and modify in a few minutes with the right tools. What's more, we'll show you how one minor adjustment will enable you to display a linked chain without touching the rings to conceal the opening in the key! As a result, you'll be able to handle the rings after linking in a more natural manner and display them in much the same way you would if you were using a Himber Ring. We supply 9-page PDF instructions (only).


"It is very well described and SIMILAR to but not exactly the same as the Koran handling as I mentioned above. Well worth buying and studying. You could use this in a pro situation."

- Mr Pete Biro on The Magic Cafe

"This really is very strong magic and is ideal for intimate cabaret/after dinner work. Once again have produced a superb eManuscript (I've just finished reading a copy) in PDF and also offer the ring as a separate item if needed. A classic piece of magic that is as fresh today in its present incarnation as the day it was invented."

- Mr Duncan Trillo,

"The item I ordered arrived this morning, excellent service & thank you. The method is slightly different to the one that I have been using for many years and, with the extra two moves, moves this effect into the miracle class!"

- Mr John Hofner, UK

"Great routine!" 

- Mr Tom Dobrowolski, US

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