Kid Show Magic

Kid show magic, magic routines for birthday parties or school shows, and more.

Magic for Monsters

Magic for Monsters $5.00 PDF

Hands down, one of the best books ever written on kid show work. Arnold Furst details his complete act, giving you a masterclass on how to entertain children. The seventeen tricks described include every word of patter, every...

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Komedy for Kid Shows

Komedy for Kid Shows $5.00 PDF

Six refreshingly different and funny Kid Show routines by Val Andrews. Highlights include: Making a Cake Plus with the double exchange of two young helpers for a big, added climax; Wilfred Sends Word - an entertaining time-filler...

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Routined Magic

Routined Magic $4.00 PDF

Routined Magic is filled with wonderful, thoughtfully-constructed routines. Material includes: THE GLASS MYSTERY (a one cup and ball routine using a highball glass wrapped in newspaper), THE HOMING BALL (cardboard cone and ball routine), THE SHAKER...

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JB Bobo Watch This One

Watch This One $6.00 PDF

An outstanding collection of sleight of hand magic with everyday objects. Every effect is audience-tested, every paragraph set forth with clarity and patience. And with his legendary attention to detail, the writer doesn’t offer mere tricks...

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Lecture Notes - JB Bobo

The Bobo Lecture $5.00 PDF

Step back into the mid-1950s, as one of the busiest magicians in America, J. B. Bobo, takes the podium to teach you several of his pet routines. While we can't actually transport you back in time, we can provide you with his illustrated...

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Tricks with Hares

Tricks with Hares $5.00 PDF

Eight of the very best methods of producing a live rabbit or other small livestock. These include the Top Hat Method, Rabbit Scoop, Tray Method, and many, many more. The ease of execution and cleverness of all of these...

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25 Amazing Tricks with Paper Cups

25 Amazing Tricks with Paper Cups $5.00 PDF

Sam Berland offers adaptations of classic magic effects, as well as tricks that are new in both effect and principle - all using common, everday paper cups! With the trend away from gimmicky-looking magic props...

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Magic Clip Art Collection

Magic Clip Art Collection $4.00PDF

Promote your magic act in style with this incredible collection of over four dozen clip art illustrations by top magic artists, like Nelson Hahne, Sid Lorraine, and others. Use these magic illustrations to create posters, brochures, flyers...

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The Original Stillwell Handkerchief Manipulation Act

The Original Stillwell Handkerchief Manipulation Act $5.00 PDF

After showing your hands unmistakably empty, back and front, a beautiful silk handkerchief appears at your fingertips. This is quickly followed by another and another after that, until a dozen...

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50 Methods for Producing a Silk

50 Methods for Producing a Silk $4.00 PDF

The title pretty much says it all! UF Grant gives you 50 practical ways to magically produce a silk handkerchief. This classic manuscript also includes descriptions for a number of standard production props...

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