Proskauer Si Stebbins Card Tricks

How'd Ja Do That?

Author/Originator: Julien J. Proskauer
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After watching Proskauer repeatedly fool a room of magicians with his card magic, Max Holden urged him to write this book. What made that request somewhat unusual was that Proskauer wasn't a sleight of hand man, nor did he utilize any esoteric subtleties. You see, every card trick he performed that evening, or ever for that matter, was based upon the well-known Si Stebbins system. What set Proskauer apart was his ability to really "sell" each effect. It was this strength along with an array of deck switches, false shuffles and cuts, that allowed him to thoroughly befuddle the attending magi - the same way he fooled lay audiences. In "How'd Ja Do That," Proskauer shares every trick he performed (with patter), all false shuffles, cuts, and other techniques he used, as well as his personal thinking and insights into working with an arranged pack. Plus, an extensive appendix that covers several other early arrangements, including Si Stebbins variations by Dr. James Elliott and Houdini, Ernest Hammond, and much more. 54 pages, completely re-typeset.

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