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Jack Yates 8-PDF Bundle

Author/Originator: Jack Yates
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Looking for brilliant, subtle mentalism and mental card magic? You won't find more powerful or easier to perform miracles than those crafted by British mentalist Jack Yates. What's more, we are bundling eight of the Jack Yates titles we publish and they're yours for a little over a buck and a half piece!

Here's what you get...

LINE-UP - A $5.00 Value
Jack Yates' Line-Up is a genuine mental card miracle with a borrowed pack of cards. After a spectator thoroughly shuffles a borrowed deck and removes a dozen or so cards, a number of spectators (up to the amount of cards) each select and remove a card from the packet. These are gathered up along with any unchosen cards in the packet and returned to you. Without looking at the packet, you shuffle it a couple of times. You then take the first card in hand and without looking at it, run your finger underneath it and "feel for vibrations." This card is now either rejected and tossed away, or handed to one of the participants - who confirms it is their card. This process is repeated until all but one of the selections have been successfully returned and the rejected cards litter the table or floor. As you begin to prematurely take your bow, a chorus from the audience bellows out that you that you forgot someone. You now turn to this person and after a moment of concentration, slowly describe the card they chose - a fitting climax to this sensational mental demonstration. Use as a feature effect for club or stage, or hold it in reserve as an encore or near perfect impromptu effect for private parties and other gatherings. Clean and easy to do, once you know Jack Yates' devious method. New instructions, 7-pages with cover.

Jack Yates’ Predicted Card in Wallet is a well-constructed, stand-up routine designed for the mental worker. Here’s the basic effect: With a deck of cards in hand, the mentalist brings up two helpers to assist him. He explains that a friend recently sent him a letter with a sealed envelope that he hopes will prove that the art of prediction is indeed possible. He then takes out a wallet that he says contains this envelope and fairly shows it both sides. The pack of cards is now given to one of the audience helpers to first examine and then, thoroughly shuffle. This volunteer proceeds to cut the pack several times and the top card is taken. The mentalist turns to the other helper and opens the wallet. The helper removes the envelope and opens it. There’s a card inside, but it’s not a playing card. Instead, it directs him to look inside the wallet’s zippered compartment. This holds a playing card with a different color back. The mentalist asks the first spectator to look at their card and name it out loud. As the person does so, the mentalist smiles and turns around the card from the wallet...it matches! Yes, the deck is fair and the card is freely selected. No, there is no palming required. We supply new 6-page instructions which detail the handling, you supply the wallet and cards (neither of which are gimmicked).

Imagine this for a moment. Four borrowed pennies are placed in a row on a table. The spectator chooses any one. Then, with your back turned, he shifts the pennies around any number of times you like. When he's done, still sight unseen, you tell him to remove a penny at a certain position, then another, and finally a third. Only one penny now remains - the one he chose! Now get this, you can immediately repeat the effect and even let him choose the number of times he will shift the pennies this time. Inspired by Bob Hummer's Mathematical 3-Card Monte, Jack Yates' Four Object Divination is the perfect mental pocket trick and it works with almost any four small objects, so you can do it at the drop of a hat. Easy to do, but a real baffler. Our new 7-page, illustrated instruction manuscript explains everything you need to know.

JACK'S PACK - A $5.00 Value
Originally devised by Jack Yates for another mentalist, Jack's Pack enables you to quickly determine the precise position of ANY CARD NAMED. Or, the identity of the card located at any position in the deck. Imagine the possibilities! No mental gymnastics, mnemonics or multiple outs, just a diabolical arrangement and some easy math. And yes, you can show the faces of the cards without fear of detection. Works with any regular 52-card pack. Sets up in minutes. Don't miss this one! 6 pages with cover.

UNDER SUSPICION (Kosky/Yates) - A $5.00 Value
In this new manuscript, we bring together two entertaining crime/murder mystery classics - The Plot's The Thing by Gerald Kosky (two variations) and Jack Yates' Accusation. In both routines, you solve a crime which certain members of the audience are in on! Both presentations are well constructed and utilize subtle, proven methods, allowing you to concentrate almost entirely on presentation. Complete with new, ready-to-print artwork. Ideal for corporate work, club shows, private parties, etc. Re-typeset, 18 pages.

Jack Yates' ultra-clean, nearly self-working triple prediction with a borrowed, shuffled deck is sure to become one of your favorite effects. Three spectators each give you a number. One by one, you fairly count down to that position in the deck and turn the card face up in front of the spectator who chose it. Before you do this each time, you write your prediction on a slip of paper and drop it into a glass that's in full view. When all three cards have been turned up, the glass is tipped out and your predictions are read - they are 100% accurate! No sleights. No stacks or special arrangements. No gimmicks. And no mental gymnastics are required. Plus, as a special bonus, we're also including Jack Yates' solution for Scalbert's Mystery of the Seventh Card - one of the most popular marketed card effects of the last century. It also works with a borrowed, shuffled pack. And while this extra effect does require a partner (to act as the Medium), there's no tedious memorization involved. In fact, your friend can learn his/her part in about five minutes time. 6 pages with cover.

Offering to simulate the world’s most lethal game of chance, Russian Roulette, the magician asks a spectator to hand him six cards from a borrowed deck. Five of these are to be black spot cards, each to represent an empty chamber in an imaginary revolver, and the sixth a red card to represent the fatal round. The packet is shuffled and the spectator asked to name a number, up to 6, to represent spinning of the cylinder each time. The magician hands the packet to the spectator and asks him to shift his chosen number of cards to the bottom and turn over the next card. If it is a black one, the magician will survive to the next round. However, if it is red, he will lose this fabricated encounter with fate. With three fingers clenched, the magician dramatically points his forefinger at his temple, dropping his thumb as the first card is revealed...it’s black. This process is repeated with the tension building until only two cards remain. Survival is now a 50/50 proposition. The spectator dramatically turns over the fifth card...it is the last black. Despite overwhelming odds, the man of mystery has prevailed and the spectator is left holding the only red card. Based upon a clever Jack Yates' method, Russian Roulette works with any cards and is easy to do. 5 pages with cover.

INGENIOUS - A $4.00 Value
The British magician and mentalist, Jack Yates, developed this ingenious, self-working mental card feat in the mid-1950s, also known as “Ingenio.” Both the handling and effect are straightforward, and do not require the spectator to take a card, return it, etc. Instead, a spectator is asked to merely think of any card in the deck. While he is doing this, you riffle shuffle the deck, which may be borrowed, several times. The spectator then follows some brief instructions you provide, while your back is turned. At the conclusion, you take back the cards and dramatically reveal the one he has in mind. Our new five-page manuscript covers Jack Yates' original handling along with additional information, handling and practice tips.

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