Hummers Great Discovery - Robert Hummer

Hummer's Great Discovery

Author/Originator: Bob Hummer
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This completely impromptu card miracle introduced Bob Hummer's genius to the magic world! With your back turned, any spectator takes and mixes any 9 or 10 cards from any pack, discarding balance; he notes one card, replaces on pile, then removes any secret number of cards from top to bottom, hopelessly losing selected card. You offer to find the card but then decide to let spectator "do the whole trick." Spectator again removes secret number of cards from top to bottom, then deals off single cards, giving you every other card and placing the alternate ones on bottom of pile. This is continued until but one card remains in spectator's hand—IT IS THE CHOSEN CARD! No sleight of hand, markings, duplicates, or guess work. Works with any cards, even borrowed ones. Easy to do, but a real fooler! 4 pages.

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