The Art of the Stage

The Art of the Stage

Author/Originator: Burling Hull
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Burling Hull's Original (and long out of print) Course on Stagecraft and Showmanship for Magicians

All of the magic greats have it. It's that special "something" that enables a performer to take command of the stage from the moment they enter until they bow off to thunderous applause. That "something" is Stagecraft and Showmanship. And it doesn't happen by chance or luck. It happens through planning, preparation and mastery of "The Art of the Stage." In this course, Hull shares his considerable expertise and insight into crafting a formidable stage presence, and presenting magic and mentalism in a way that will delight your audiences and build demand for your services. 32 pages, completely re-typeset, quality edition for your digital magic library.

Magical Stagecraft (Part One)

  • Effective Entrance
  • Dramatic Presentation
  • Elocutionary Principles
  • Pronunciation
  • Carriage
  • Gesture
  • Voice Power
  • Bowing
  • Dress
  • Stage Deportment

Magical Showmanship (Part Two)

  • Music for Magical Acts
  • Opening Addresses
  • Opening Tricks
  • Stage Fright—Its Cure
  • Overcoming Stage Nervousness
  • Creating Applause
  • Curtain Handling
  • Concluding Act
  • Affecting Climax
  • Encores
  • Bringing Spectator Upon the Stage
  • Trick Selection for Banquets, Conventions, Club and Lodge Entertainments, Church, Society and Children’s Programs

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