Greater Card Tricks

Greater Card Tricks

Author/Originator: Eddie Joseph
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In Eddie Joseph's introduction to his 1942 big book of card magic, he states that the effects he is offering all bear the "hall-mark of originality." Indeed, few other magicians have provided us with a richer, more resourceful, or more unconventional approach to our art. If you are a fan of the "Joseph Touch," you will delight in the material contained in this 104-page book. Contents range from his technique for an array of standard card sleights, daubing, novel card locations, as well as dozens of complete tricks including a brilliant, easy to perform, and 100% practical version of Hofzinser's "Everywhere and Nowhere." Plus, there's even a section on the Eddie Joseph Card System. Completely re-typeset. 104 big pages. Top quality edition.

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