Glenn Gravatt Card Trick Bundle

Glenn Gravatt Card Trick Bundle

Author/Originator: Glenn Gravatt
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This new four-ebook Glenn Gravatt bundle features nearly 150 self-working card tricks!

Here's what you get...

Prolific card trick chronicler and creator, Glenn Gravatt, offers 50 card tricks that work themselves. No set-ups, no sleights, no fake cards, tricks that are really impromptu. Plus, almost all can be performed with a borrowed deck. In addition to Gravatt, contributors include Gerald Kosky, Bob Hummer, Eddie Joseph, Stewart James, Ed Marlo, Ralph Hull, Jack Miller, Francis Carlyle, Frank Garcia, George Dean, Sid Lawrence, Scalbert, Tom Sellers, Ned Rutledge, Percy Bee, Rufus Steele, and others. Completely re-typeset, 40 big pages.

This collection of impromptu, non-sleight, self-working card tricks is intended as a companion book to Gravatt's first volume (above). It offers 50 excellent effects from such magic greats as Dai Vernon, Robert Harbin, Karrell Fox, Francis Carlyle, Gerald Kosky, Mark Wilson, Stewart James, Eddie Joseph, Bob Hummer, Jerry Andrus, and others, as well as Mr. Gravatt. Completely re-typeset, 55 big pages.

Another card magic classic from Glenn Gravatt, "Final Selection" is packed with over three dozen nearly self-working card effects. None require skill, sleights, or manipulation to perform. What's more, many are impromptu, making use of anyone’s cards with no preparation. Others depend upon cards with double faces, double backs, etc., roughed cards, or card gimmicks you can make. You'll find some truly startling, yet easy-to-do card magic effects within these pages along with a broad range of principles that can be applied to these and other effects. Well illustrated, 73 pages, completely re-typeset.

10 BY GRAVATT - A $4.00 Value
Glenn Gravatt was without doubt one of magic's most astute and prolific card trick compilers. For this new release, we scoured the magic literature to bring you 10 of the best self-working card tricks he contributed to magic periodicals. All are cleverly constructed foolers that are easy to do. We're sure you'll find at least one or two here you'll want to add to your own repertoire. 10 pages, re-typeset.

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