Showmanship for Magicians

Applause and How to Get It

Author/Originator: Henning Nelms
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What do all great magic acts have in common? They know how to get APPLAUSE! However there is a lot more to getting applause than just taking a bow at the end of a trick. Getting applause (or for the close-up worker, optimizing audience appreciation) requires a definite technique. Mistakes in this technique will choke off applause, even when you have a strong act. Many magicians actually throw away more applause than they receive. In fact, according to Nelms, they could double their applause simply by avoiding mistakes. On the other hand, real skill in controlling applause using proven dramatic techniques will make your act more enjoyable and help your audience show their appreciation more, thus building your reputation. Concisely written with easy-to-follow examples, charts, and more. 23 pages, re-typeset body, quality edition.

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