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Thought-Reading Cards


The classic "Age" or "Fortune Telling" Cards updated! Reveal a person's age or other number they are thinking of with uncanny accuracy. You introduce a set of six cards with numbers on one side only. The person simply looks at and retains any of six cards that contain his/her age or other number. With our improved handling, you never see the numbers on the person's cards or the printing on the ones they do not choose. Even so, you are able to immediately reveal the thought of number! And while the effect seems impossible, it's actually easy to do. We supply new, clean, ready-to-print artwork you can output to your desktop printer. This manuscript also includes new instructions and ready-to-print artwork for a second number revelation, Tom Seller's Menta-Number which lets you reveal a thought of number from one of four different color squares. 21 pages.

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Free Magic eBook - More Tips on Tricks



A fun and engaging collection of tricks, ideas and tips for magicians. Material includes Christopher's subtle Pocket Switch of a deck of cards, Color Blend - a clever no-gimmick Blendo, Paper Money - piece of newspaper to dollar bill, presentation ideas for the Chinese Sticks, Undercover - ways to transform an innocent packet of matches into a powerful magic or mentalism accessory, and more. Plus Tips on Publicity with ideas on getting more local newspaper coverage. Completely re-typeset. 26 pages.

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Free Magic eBook - Free Senor Mardo Magic Book



Senor Mardo was a highly regarded nite club magician who influenced many of today's top magicians. In this ebook, you'll discover 16 Senor Mardo effects/items in all - ranging from standard club magic to close-up with cards and coins. Material includes...

Eight Pieces of Eight - A very direct and easy handling for Coins Across.

Thumb Tie Extraordinary - Ten Ichi's classic effect using just a 12" length of soft magician's rope for the tie.

Ring on the Stick - A clever twist for this classic effect using an easily constructed pull.

Cane in Newspaper - Handling for the Walsh Vanishing Cane in Newspaper.

Count Again, Please - Mardo's handling for Zens Cards and Envelopes.

Plus, magic with Bouncing Bubbles, liquids, silks and more. Very nicely illustrated throughout, this 38-page eBook edition was completely re-typeset.

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