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Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick

Author/Originator: Paul Fox

Product Code: e15

For years, this was Paul Fox's best kept secret. A small gimmick that allowed him to ascertain the identity of cards merely thought of by one or more spectators.

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Secretly discover the identity of cards "thought of" by one or more spectators. Perform absolute mind reading miracles with a deck of cards. For years, this was Paul Fox's best kept secret. A small gimmick that allowed him to ascertain the identity of cards merely thought of by one or more spectators. Please note, nothing, except the deck, is ever seen by the spectators. The deck may be handled with perfect freedom - nothing is concealed on the fingers or in the hands. There are no duplicate cards, no false shuffling and no memory system or mathematical formulas employed. The gimmick does everything except whisper the names of the chosen cards in your ear. No sleight of hand is required.

The PAUL FOX MIRACLE GIMMICK fits any bridge or poker-size deck. Use your own deck. Long off the market, we are pleased to make this classic effect available once again. In addition to the original PAUL FOX MIRACLE GIMMICK, we've rewritten the instructions to better clarify the explanations. Our updated instructions along with nine new photos (there were none in the original manuscript) walk you step-by-step through the process. As a result, you'll find learning to set up and use the PAUL FOX MIRACLE GIMMICK a breeze! Our manuscript includes four mind boggling routines by the master himself, Paul Fox. This is a must-have tool for magicians and mentalists alike. 10 pages plus ready-to-print gimmick artwork.

NOTE: Works with any deck (none supplied).


"You have gained a customer for life. The Paul Fox Miracle Gimmick is a FIVE STAR EFFECT AND INCREDIBLE GIMMICK!!!! Worth 10 times the price!!!! A hidden gem of magic!!!!"

- Mr. John Taormino, Las Vegas, NV


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