Fantastic Magic

Fantastic Magic

Author/Originator: Bob Mason
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Bob Mason's booklet, first published in the 1970s, offers nine clever mental effects with cards. These include Predictions, Divinations, a double Key Card Location, and more. Plus, two special shuffles that Mason used extensively in his ESP act, as well as his brilliant O-2-MATICA stack - originally developed for a marketed trick deck that John Braun called, "absolutely ingenious." If you are a Si Stebbins fan, you're going to love Bob Mason's stack which is just as easy to master and use, but defies detection and has no red-black-red-black suit rotation. This stack will easily fool most magicians! 25 pages, re-typeset and edited with notes, additional content, etc.

Also available...our new Bob Mason Stack Toolkit and Bob Mason's Marked Thought. You can read more about Bob Mason's Stack here.

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