Escape Tricks

Spirit ties, rope, chain and box escapes, and thumb ties.

33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases magic ebook - Burling Hull

33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases $6.00 PDF

Whether you're looking for an entertaining interlude for your magic or illusion show, a mediumistic stunt for your mentalism act or spook spectacular or an interactive street magic effect; Burling Hull's classic how-to guide on rope ties and chain...

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Rope Chain and Box Escapes

Rope, Chain and Box Escapes $6.00 PDF

These are feature effects for any magic, illusion, mentalism or spook show that are also easy to do and require a minimum of expense. The outstanding Zella Master Tie alone is worth the price of this hard to find manuscript. 29 pages with over...

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16 Thumb Tie Gems magic ebook - Max Andrews

16 Thumb Tie Gems $6.00 PDF

The Thumb Tie packs small, yet is capable of entertaining the largest audience. Over the years, the Thumb Tie has been featured by many of the greats, including Les Levante, Paul Rosini, Ten Ichi, Jay Marshall, and many others...

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