Effortless Card Magic Bundle

Effortless Card Magic Bundle

Editor: Rufus Steele
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Get four incredible Rufus Steele card trick books for just two dollars each! 200+ nearly self-working card miracles from legendary cardmen.

Here's what you get...

52 Amazing Card Tricks - A $5.00 Value!
52 Amazing Card Tricks is Rufus Steele's compilation of self-working card magic from legendary names, like Eddie Joseph, Ed Marlo, Henry Christ, Audley Walsh, Stewart Judah, Bert Allerton, Dai, Vernon, John Scarne, Paul Rosini, Carmen D'Amico, Al Baker and others. Packed with terrific material, this publication truly lives up to its title. Highly recommended. 48 pages.

The Last Word on Cards - A $5.00 Value!
Step back in time to a Golden Age of Card Magic - the early 1950s - and a compilation of baffling, nearly self-working card effects from legendary card men, like Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, Al Leech, Johnny Platt, Dr. Jacob Daley, Audley Walsh, Oscar Weigle, Eddie Fields, Bill Simon, Bert Allerton, Bob Hummer, Robert Nelson, and others. Compiled by Rufus Steele, all of the effects in this book are audience-tested miracles that place an emphasis on subtlety over sleight of hand. You'll even find the original "Moe and Sam," the forerunner to Frank Everhart's Sam the Bellhop routine. Plus, Senator Crandall's hilarious explanation of "An Impossible Transposition," by an old magician with one arm by the name of Lester Overton...he couldn't remember the name of the other arm! If you're looking for a presentation for your magic club friends, this one will have them rolling in the aisles. Packed with strong card magic from cover to cover. 59 pages.

Card Tricks That Are Easy to Learn and Do - A $5.00 Value!
Don't let the price fool you! How would you like to know these reputation-creating tricks of past great magical artists? Effects include Steele's Personal Stack and Poker Run-Up, The Son John Story with patter and moves, Hull's famous Joker Spelling Trick, Devil's Tickets or using the deck of cards as a Bible, Lane's 3 Pellet Trick, Cecil's Mind Reading, Pugh's famous Piano Trick with original patter, Louine's Whispering Queen, Duval's Mephisto's Message, Pearce's Triple Card Mystery, Steele's Letter P Trick, and 40 more amazing tricks, many with patter. Plus, Si Stebbins' famous Master System, an act in itself! 50 excellent, self-working card tricks that use subtlety instead of sleights and some of these tricks will even will fool your brother magicians! 68 pages!

50 Card Tricks - A $5.00 Value!
I know you've heard it all before, "this trick is worth more than the price of the book." In Rufus Steele's "50 Card Tricks," this over-used cliche is true for several of the effects and clever methods you will find in this card magic compilation. Take (Senator) Clarke Crandall's Triple Divination - a three-phase routine where you reveal a "thought of" card each time. As each revelation is made, the effect grows more impressive and baffling. And get this...this commercial card magic gem is actually easy to do! Plus, if you like, you can perform any one of the three effects by itself. There are two Paul Rosini effects that are equally brilliant and will badly fool magicians and laymen alike. Simplicity Transposition is a very nice quickie where cards chosen by two different spectators change places in the deck. You get all this and much more. In addition to those already mentioned, contributors include: Dai Vernon, Ed Marlo, Arthur Buckley, Bert Allerton, Stuart Judah, Harry Blackstone, "Dorny," and many more. Over 50 pages of card magic with virtually no moves or sleights.

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