Eddie Joseph Magic 1

Eddie Joseph was one of magic's most creative minds. We are proud to publish a range of his sought-after magic books.

Premonition 2

Premonition 2 $5.00 PDF

Rediscover a true classic and proven audience hit! Premonition 2 combines the best features of Eddie Joseph's New and Original versions, making this mental card miracle even easier...

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Eddie Joseph - Jasonism Plus Astral Sense

Jasonism and Astral Sense $3.00 PDF

First published in 1947, Eddie Joseph's award-winning "JASONISM" is widely considered to be one of his greatest conceptions with cards. It was also one of his most closely held secrets for well over a decade. JASONISM is a divination...

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Eddie Joseph 15 Exciting Minutes with a Borrowed Deck

15 Exciting Minutes with a Borrowed Deck $6.00 PDF

This complete Eddie Joseph routine with a borrowed deck comprises FIVE different effects, each able to stand out on its own merit. When combined, you will confuse the sharpest mind, the logical reason...

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Impossible $3.00 PDF

Eddie Joseph's IMPOSSIBLE coincidence effect will astonish your audiences! From a borrowed, shuffled deck that you never touch, two spectators each select a card in a fair manner. The deck is then divided into two halves...

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Taj Mahal Mystery

Taj Mahal Mystery $3.00 PDF

Imagine this...a borrowed deck you never touch is freely shuffled by a spectator. Again without touching the cards, you direct the spectator to select one in a fair and above board manner and bury somewhere in the middle...

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By Mind Alone

By Mind Alone $4.00 PDF

A mental card feat with a borrowed, shuffled deck that is sure to astound your audiences. Here's the effect: You and a spectator each mentally select a card and note its position in the deck. At this point, there is no way for you...

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Eddie Joseph - Dumbfounders with Cards

Dumbfounders with Cards $5.00 PDF

First published in 1950, Eddie Joseph gives you 10 "dumbfounding" card tricks based upon subtle principles. All are nearly self-working and use just a regular deck, which can also be borrowed for most of the effects...

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Eddie Joseph - More Dumbfounders with Cards

More Dumbfounders with Cards $5.00 PDF

After explaining several variations of his "Confusion" slop shuffle technique, Joseph goes on to give you 15 clever effects that utilize primarily that shuffle. Highlights include subtle card controls, reverse card discoveries...

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Eddie Joseph Blind Magician Does a Trick

The Blind Magician Does a Trick $4.00 PDF

This is a complete stand-up routine in which you discover two freely selected cards under seemingly impossible conditions and without the benefit of vision, after a spectator blindfolds you or your eyes are covered...

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Eddie Joseph - 17 Peek at a Card Tricks

Peek-at-a-Card $6.00 PDF

In this rare Eddie Joseph booklet from 1952, he discloses 17 novel "peek at a card" effects. Joseph was first introduced to this method of selection by the legendary Max Malini on his visit to India. However, never one satisfied to rest on convention...

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