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Few magicians have had a greater influence on advanced card magic than Edward F. Malkowski, better known as Ed Marlo. Marlo was a master card technician, as well as a creator, innovator, and prolific chronicler of advanced card moves and sleights. Other card experts, like Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, Arthur Buckley, and Dr. Jacob Daley, greatly respected and admired Marlo for his thorough approach to card magic. Marlo published numerous card magic books during his lifetime which remain important resources for contemporary magicians and many of these are now available from Trickshop as PDF ebooks.

Tricks with Daub

Tricks with Daub $5.00 PDF

Bill Gusias and Ed Marlo show you how to perform absolute miracles with a borrowed deck using daub. Learn the real work, including various methods, techniques, and subtle ways of applying daub to locate cards that are selected...

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Marlo Self-Working Card Miracles

Self-Working Miracles $5.00 PDF

Beginning in the mid-1940s, Ed Marlo released a number of single trick manuscripts with powerful effects that were pretty much self-working. Some of these were marketed as "Marlo Miracles." We provide you with six favorites...

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Marlo Amazing Isn't It

Amazing Isn't It? $5.00 PDF

This early Marlo manuscript offers nine excellent mainly mental card effects that are direct and can be performed impromptu. Highlights include Marlo's own terrific handling for Scarne's triple "Think a Card" prediction...

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Marlo in Spades

Marlo in Spades $6.00 PDF

Marlo's acclaimed "Spade Book," written for the real card worker. Over 45 clever moves, techniques, subtleties and effects. Advanced card handling skills recommended. Now, re-typeset with larger type, 56 pages, 60 excellent....

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Marlo - Routined Discoveries

Routined Discoveries $5.00 PDF

Written in 1946, Marlo's manuscript offers 20 clever and sometimes startling ways to discover a selected card! Designed for the table worker, all are based upon a single control - Marlo's own easy and deceptive Riffle Pass...

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Marlo - Pasteboard Presto

Pasteboard Presto $5.00 PDF

Written in 1940, "Pasteboard Presto" was Marlo's first published manuscript! It covers nine effects that utilize one of magic's most deceptive card controls - THE CRIMP. Effects include "The First Miracle" - Marlo defied the reader to find anything that...

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Lets See the Deck

Let's See the Deck $5.00 PDF

This book is packed from cover to cover with strong, solid material and you don't have to be an advanced card man to learn it! 14 effects in all, including Age Old Card Control, Imitation of Scarne, One Hand Reverse, and more...

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Marlo Deck Deception

Marlo's Deck Deception $5.00 PDF

A new addition to our Early Marlo Series, Deck Deception is loaded with 11 great Marlo card tricks and moves you'll have fun learning and performing. 23 pages, re-typeset with larger easier-to-read text and Gordon M. Howatt illustrations....

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Marlo Off the Top

Marlo's Off the Top $5.00 PDF

This early Marlo publication contains some of his very best work, including 10 sleights and 15 different effects. Among these are Marlo's legendary Ace Assembly in which the four aces travel and appear one at a time in the "leader"...

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Future Reverse

Future Reverse $5.00 PDF

An amazing effect where a card previously reversed by the performer locates a spectator's peeked at card! Marlo provides six different solutions for this unique card problem - from sleight of hand methods to those that employ various subtleties...

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